1st Class jobs in Bangladesh.

Those who are entering into a new career should know about themselves and their own competencies and build a career in these following sectors that they deem appropriate.

Because making the right decision will help you to shape your life. And the right decision brings a specific goal.

Here is a list of 1st class jobs in Bangladesh for you to go after.

  • Banking and finance
  • Telecommunications
  • Sales and Marketing
  • Medical and Pharmaceuticals
  • Creative media
  • Engineering and Architect
  • Human Resources
  • Teaching and Research
  • Garment & Manufacturing
  • NGOs
  • Software developer
  • Manager
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Banking and Finance

The demand for jobs in the banking sector is very high at present in Bangladesh. The interest of people in this profession is increasing. Also jobs in these sectors recognized as a respectable profession to society.

Due to the entry of private banks into the banking sector, it is considered to be one of the young people’s favorite job list. In the banking sector, the pay structure is very good with a good working environment.

There are job security and pensions. In addition to the government banks in our country, many private banks are now providing services. Consumers are also increasing day by day as their service quality is better than that of government banks.

Therefore, the new branch of the private bank is growing to match the demand. At the same time, more staff is needed to improve the quality of service. The banking sector is currently in a good position in the job market. They need different qualifications for different posts.

However, different experiences including MBA, MBM, Postgraduate, CA degree are sought. If you want to build your career in the banking sector, try to gain the experience mentioned above.

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At present, there is a huge demand for making a career in telecommunications in Bangladesh. Here a worker gets many benefits because of his employment. Weekly holidays are considered in conjunction with public holidays.

The salary and working environment are also good. Because of the opportunity to work in this sector are very high, this has become one of the first choices for educated unemployed.

To build a career in this sector, you must be a degree holder. Besides, it is good to have a course in telecommunications. In this sector, more importance is given to bold and smart candidates.

If you want to build a career in telecommunication, each company has its own website, or submit a CV by looking at the circular in the newspaper. The submission of the CV may call for the written examination if your CV is standard and accurate and you have the qualifications asked.

After the written examination you will have to face the VIVA board. When you get there, you can get the job you want. Telco companies are one of the few potential industries in Bangladesh.

If you want to make a career in this sector, it is good to know networking electrical mechanical, computer and telecommunication with graduation as well.

So if you want to get a job in this sector, prepare yourself today and move forward with your goals.

Sales and Marketing

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This profession is very challenging but also has lots of possibilities. The Sales and Marketing sector is the perfect place for those who like to take on new challenges.

In our country, new companies are constantly being launched and many sales and marketing personnel are needed to market their products. Although Sales and Marketing was once the same department, Sales and Marketing is now a separate department.

Different companies are increasing day by day. Where consumer goods are sold from food items to rods, cement is sold through sales and marketing.

Besides domestic companies, many foreign companies are also marketing their products in Bangladesh. As a result, employment is increasing in this field.

So there is a need for a lot of skilled manpower in these departments. BBA, MBA, Marketing, Finance and Accounting Graduates are usually queried for employment in this sector.

Sales and marketing are one of the best careers in the present. Those who have the ability to take on the challenge are going to do great in this sector.

Medical and Pharmaceuticals

At present, our manufactured medicines are being exported abroad after meeting the needs of the country. Therefore, there is a need for skilled manpower in this sector.

In this sector, the importance of the students in the science department is given. Besides, educational qualifications like MSc, MBA, M firm, B firm etc. are also required.

One of the biggest benefits of working in the medical and pharmaceuticals sector is the extra pay on target fulfillment along with monthly fixed pay. Many are currently pursuing degrees and developing careers in this sector.

It is not difficult to get a job in this sector as the work area is very large. From the salesman to the regional manager, it can be easily transmitted. You need perseverance and desire.

But the workers go a long way in this regard. As the work experience increases, salaries rise very quickly – so a career in the medical and pharmaceuticals sectors is bright and promising for those who are entering the job market.

Creative media

The development of modern technology has also changed the direction of employment. In that series, the media side has emerged as one of the best careers in the country.

The media side includes print and electronic media. Print media includes journalism, graphics designers, photographers, IT, and electronic media.

Currently, there are thousands of people involved in this sector and the demand for this sector is increasing every day to create more employment opportunities.

Due to demand, many institutions are currently offering different courses and some private universities are launching short-term courses. Various qualifications, including journalism and honors, master’s degrees, are sought for employment in this sector.

So if you want to build a career here, go ahead with specific goals. Each of the above sectors is currently the perfect place to build a career.

Engineering and Architect

The demand for newcomers to this sector is also increasing in our country as the demand for the world continues. Young people are now coming in this profession.

In addition to various government institutions, many private organizations have different courses on engineering and architecture.

There are now many institutions in the country from which anyone can build a future as an engineer and architect. To work in this sector, BSc in Civil Engineering, BSc in Electrical Engineering, System Engineering, Network Engineer, MBA, Masters and various Diploma Engineering qualifications are needed.

And you can make a career here from other sectors in terms of salaries and other benefits. All you need is specific qualifications and some technical experience. In this profession, there is money and wealth as well as honor and social status.

Human Resources

It is the job of the Human Resources Department to appoint and supervise all the officers or employees required by each organization.

According to the needs of different departments of an organization, the HR department employs the required manpower of the company, and the HR department also provides the staff salary structure, necessary training.

You must be a Master’s, MBA Major-in-HRS Degree to get this wonderful job. Then you will get priority in the field of employment. Having some prior work experience is even better.

Teaching and Research

Education is the backbone of the nation. We all know that. The more educated the nation, the better.

In our country, besides the government educational institutions, many private educational institutions have been established and there is increasing employment opportunities in this sector.

In addition to educational institutions, many companies are currently opening research centers where there are many job opportunities. To build a career in Teaching and Research is to be devoted.

Educational Qualifications – Post Graduate MBA, PhD, CSE, EU etc. In this sector, a lot of respect can be earned through work and it is possible to make good money if you perform well. Therefore, those who want to pursue a career in Teaching and Research should come to this sector with certain qualifications.

Garment & Manufacturing

Currently, the main export sector in our country is garment and manufacturing. Most of the country’s export earnings come from this sector. The sector needs a lot of skilled manpower.

There is a need for skilled and educated manpower – who will work at the higher levels of the organization. Apart from the garment companies, there are many buying companies in the country, who collect orders from overseas and manage the domestic garments.

In this sector, high-paid skilled manpower is currently being taken by the owners of the company. Graduates in this sector including BBA, MBA, etc. are required. Besides, knowing the merchandising makes it easy to get a job.


NGOs have played a leading role in creating jobs in our country. NGOs created job opportunities from city to village everywhere. Along with foreign NGOs, many domestic NGOs have been established.

Young people are more interested in this sector. And the main reason for this is that salaries are paid a lot here. Although there is a lot of hard work in this sector, there are still many opportunities to get to a better position.

The Master’s Degree, CA, MBA, etc. are asked for employment in this sector. Writing and speaking in English is very important here. So if you want to build yourself in this sector, get the above qualifications and work at the field level for some experience initially.

Software developer

The average annual salary for a software developer in Bangladeshi money is Tk. 4,38,794.
Software developers are somehow involved in the software creation process. The software developer’s field of work is quite diverse. There was a time when there was no security or security in banks or business establishments.

Now designing security structures, storing data, arranging fingerprints for attendance – the need for software development in this kind of work is currently unavoidable.


The average annual salary in Bangladeshi money is 7,42,844.
In the job world, alluring positions are a manager or managerial positions. 70% of the process of reaching a team’s goals depends on a manager. The first virtue of a good manager is to ensure the work of everyone under him.

It is very important to maintain harmony with everyone on the team. It is important to note that it is the manager’s responsibility to ensure the training of everyone working in his department or team.

Daily follow-up is recommended to ensure that everyone on the team is working properly. The manager’s decision is final in any party matters.


So, this was a list of 1st class jobs in Bangladesh. What are you thinking? Gear up, and get ready to grab your choices of jobs. Good luck!

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