How to become a tourist guide in Bangladesh- new career opportunity

The number of tourists is increasing day by day due to the improvement of the communication system in today’s world. Especially the beauty of the nature of Bangladesh has been able to attract the attention of tourists.

That is why innumerable tourists are constantly coming to our country. These tourists need a guide to get around. Who gives directions to tourists on various matters related to travel.

Those who are thirsty for travel or prefer to travel can come to this profession.

There are numerous training institutes for tourist guides in our country. You too can build a career in the tourist guide profession with training in those institutions and earn a good income as well as traveling.

Brave and patient

You have to be brave in this profession.

Because, if you go to the tourist spot and suddenly feel weak seeing something adventurous, then the tourists will lose confidence in you.

In that case, you have to be brave enough. You also have to be patient.

It is important for tourist guides to be modest and smart. Because different countries, different cultures, religions, castes, languages, different people or tourists come to our country.

They have to work according to their preferences and needs. You have to work with them with a smile and sincerity and on the basis of present knowledge.

Part-time job opportunities

Tourist guides have the opportunity to work part-time.

Many companies offer part-time or contract guides for tourists who speak different languages.

The full-time job opportunity is also available. However, girls come less in this profession. Girls in our country are being deprived of this opportunity as the safety of girls is not ensured.


If you want to build a career in this profession, you have to pass at least HSC.

Besides, in case of the foreigners, you should have the ability to understand the language.

Again, some tourist institutions ask for honors or master’s degree.

In addition to Bengali and English, those who know French, Italian, Japanese, Chinese, etc., have more advantage to get a job in this profession.

And for those who are new, it is a different experience. However, if you want to build a career in this profession, the guide must have knowledge about the historical places and tourist centers of Bangladesh and where, how to travel, various things.

Salary and recruitment process

In the profession of a tourist guide, the salary varies depending on the organization and the work.

If you want to work full time, you can get a salary of 10 to 25 thousand or more per month.

Again, the salary of part-time or contract guides can be from 500 to 6 thousand Taka daily.

Another source of income for tourist guides is tips and tricks. Tourists are happy with the work of the guides and give them tips.

As a result, sometimes the guides’ monthly income increases two to four times higher.

Recruitment notices are given for the recruitment of tourist guides in almost all newspapers and job websites on the internet in Bangladesh. Again you can get recruitment from any medium you know.

However, most of the institutes take the written tests and interviews before hiring. Some institutions also test the candidate’s educational qualifications, language skills, speaking style, knowledge of history, and present intelligence.

Training and work in that organization

After hiring a tourist guide, almost all tourism companies offer one to three months of training or put in a training period.

More career opportunity.

Courses on tourism are conducted in several non-governmental organizations including Bangladesh Tourism Corporation, such as Bangladesh Hotel Management and Tourism Training Institute, Institute of Tourism and Hotel Management.

Tourists come to Bangladesh from different countries. At present there are about 200 tourist companies and the number of companies is increasing as a result of the modernization of the tourism industry.

You can also work in these companies.

The companies are Haven Tours, Journey Plus, Silver Wavetures, Speed ​​Holidays, Bengal Tours, Angel Tourism, Golden Holidays, etc.


How was this article? Hope you liked it. Being a tourist guide in Bangladesh needs passion for this job. Not only foreign tourists, the number of Bangladeshi tourists also increasing day by day. So be serious about this if you really want to.

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