How to become a Youtuber in Bangladesh and start earning in 2021

Now-a-days, video means YouTube. If you are interested and want to know about how to become a youtuber in Bangladesh, below we are going to explain all the steps to become a youtuber with ease.

These are the simple steps to become a youtuber in Bangladesh

  • Decide your channel topic
  • Pick a channel name
  • Create a youtube channel
  • Start recording or creating your videos
  • Upload your videos to your youtube channel

It’s really hard to find someone who uses the internet but doesn’t use YouTube. There are almost all kinds of videos on YouTube, education, entertainment, sports, news, technology, decor, cooking and travel.

Just as YouTube has become a unique medium of education and entertainment, it is also a popular means of earning money nowadays.

We will show you all the process exactly how you can become a youtuber.

By creating a channel on YouTube, you can earn as much as you can work independently. You can earn as low as 10 dollars or as high as 10000 dollars per month depending on your effort.

If you want to be a successful YouTuber, you must have patience and honesty. Your video content must be unique.

It is not right to think that with the creation of the channel, there will be thousands of views and subscribers or thousands of taka will be earned. Success requires time and effort.

Now, let’s jump straight into the steps.

Decide your Channel topics

The first step is to decide what you want to do. You can create channels on YouTube on various topics such as education, entertainment, technology, cooking, fashion, travel, funny videos.

However, if you create a channel on a specific topic, it is more likely to be acceptable to viewers.

Now video blogging or blogging is also quite popular.

Here are some tips to decide your youtube channel topics:

  1. Choose a topic that you are good at
  2. Choose a topic that is popular
  3. Informative and interesting
  4. Trending topics
  5. Upcoming technology
  6. Creative topic you have mastered or know quite well

Do you have an idea that seems peculiar? Don’t worry. Even that can work if you have trust on what you are doing.

Whatever your topic is you should always have the intention to help people. This way you can gain more subscriptions to your channel.

Pick a Channel name

You can give the channel a unique name to match the content of your video.

Also pick a channel name which is brand-able. If your channel become a brand you will find it easier to get more views and subscriber.

So pick a name that people can easily remember.

Here are some tips to pick a Brandable name.

  1. Pick a one or two words name.
  2. Pick a name which is co-related with your channel topic.
  3. Search the internet. Find a name generator Here.

Create a youtube channel

How to create and decorate a YouTube channel?

1.Go to Sign in with gmail by clicking Sign In at the top right.

2.Click on the round channel icon on the top right…

….and click on My/your Channel.

Use YouTube as … box will appear.

If it is a two word channel name, write it in two cells. If you do not have a two-word channel name, click on Use a business or other name below, enter the channel name of your choice and click Create Channel to create a channel.

3.If you click on Create a video or post on the top right (plus icon on the camera).

You will get Upload video and Go live option.

Upload videos from here.

You can also post the schedule. Add video titles, video descriptions, tags, thumbnails…

…and playlists to publish videos by clicking Publish.

4.Add Channel Icon and Channel Art by clicking on Customize Channel from My Channel/your channel option. Add Channel Trailer. Sort the home page. Create playlist.

Click on the channel icon – click your channel – Customize channel

Add links to channel descriptions, e-mails, locations, social media by clicking on About.

5.Branding the channel by clicking on Branding from the channel option.

Go to youtube studio – then click setting on the left option – go to channel – Branding

Add End Screen & Annotation from Video Manager. You can see different information from Analytics.

How to become a successful freelancer in Bangladesh

Start recording or creating your videos

In this step you need to start recording or creating good quality videos for the viewers.

Now, so many of the beginners think that they need fancy cameras, editing tools, etc. But that’s not necessary at the beginning of your youtube career.

You can record videos in your phone’s camera and that’s really fine. Also, you can find a tripod for around 500 taka or less. And a microphone around 500 taka. That’s it.

And thinking about editing software. You can use any free version.

Here are some free video editing software for PC or Laptop.

Software NameLink
VSDCFind here
Open shotFind here
Movie Maker 10Find here
ShotcutFind here
DaVinci ResolveFind here

In case, you don’t have a laptop or pc you can edit your videos on your mobile phone too. Yes, quality might vary but this too can work.

Here are some Apps for you

App Name
Adobe Premiere Clip


YouTube’s income is basically indirect income (passive income). A portion of the revenue generated by advertising on YouTube videos is paid to the video creator.

There is no equation here that one thousand views would earn so many dollars. You can’t monetize videos right after opening a channel on YouTube.

To earn money from YouTube, you need to participate in the YouTube Partner Program. If your channel has at least one thousand subscribers and four thousand hours of watchtime in 12 months, it can be applied for monetization.

However, if you have more subscribers to your channel and more video views, you can try to get sponsors outside of YouTube revenue. Earnings can also be made by reviewing different products.

Upload your videos to your youtube channel

Now having done all those little investments and hard work, this is the time to upload your videos to your youtube channel.

To upload your video click on the plus(+) sign on the top right corner of the youtube interface.

To add your own thumbnail to your video you need to verify with your mobile number. Provide your mobile number and fill the given blank space with the number sent to your phone.

How to increase views and be successful as a Youtuber in Bangladesh

There is more to creating a successful YouTube channel than just working hard. But, if you have interest, enthusiasm, and desire to succeed at work, you can definitely become a successful and talented YouTuber.

Moreover, if you work with the following points in mind, you will be able to move forward towards success in the right way.

  • Make videos about popular and important topics
  • Make interesting and informative videos
  • Focus on YouTube’s SEO
  • Make quality & creative videos
  • Remember the niche of your channel when making a video
  • Be consistent – upload videos regularly
  • Don’t make the video longer for no reason, be on point
  • Choose interesting titles for videos.
  • Make the video thumbnail interesting. You can select the most important part of your video as a thumbnail. It is best to mark any object or part in the thumbnail in red.
  • Refrain from giving fake titles and thumbnails. It gives people a negative impression of your channel.

You can increase the number of viewers (views) of the video by sharing it on social media.

When uploading videos to YouTube, add another video or playlist to the end screen. Add the correct video description. Sort videos by playlist by category.

Use more tags and keywords in the sentences that people search for on YouTube. You can use tools like TubeBuddy or VidIQ for tag research. Apart from that you can also do paid boost (advertising).


You must comply with copyright and community guidelines. Failure to follow these guidelines may result in the closure of your monetization (income) and even the closure of your channel.

Copyright and Community Guidelines have three strikes. There are times when videos are deleted, live streaming is stopped, videos are not uploaded for each strike.

And on the third strike, the channel was closed. However, if you think your copyright strike has been mistaken, you can give a counter explanation.

What qualifications do you need to be a YouTuber?

There is absolutely no educational qualification is compulsory to be a Youtuber. But you need skills like video shooting, editing, knowledge of the topic and also about youtube.

How much does a YouTuber earn monthly?

There is no upper limit to earn on Youtube. You can as low as 1 dollar and as more as 1000 dollar per month. It all depends on your skill

Is YouTube monetization available in Bangladesh?

Bangladesh is not on the monetization list of Youtube. So you need to select another location to be able to monetize your channel.

Last thing

The youngest YouTuber in the world is Ryan Toys who is only 7 years old. This young youtuber generates 11 million a year. So think about it, if an 7-year-old boy can be successful in the YouTube world, why can’t you?

Successful YouTubers are very ordinary people like you and me, but they have become great through their talent, labor and strategy.

Hopefully you will try to follow all the Steps. In a country like bangladesh people need come more and more in this kind of platform to create opportunities for themselves rather than waiting for one.

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