Cyber Crime paragraph- for ssc/hsc and students of 6-10

paragraph writing: Cyber crime is a vital English paragraph for the candidates of SSC and HSC examinations. It is also important for students of other classes. Here is a short cyber crime paragraph for you. This paragraph can also be used as the paragraph- cyber crime in Bangladesh.

Cyber Crime

In technically pushed society, individuals use numerous gadgets to make life easy. Globalization leads to connect individuals all over the world. The growing access to and steady use of technology has radically impacted the best way by which individuals talk and conduct their day by day lives. The web connects individuals and corporations from reverse sides of the world quick, simply, and comparatively economically. 

However, the web and computer can pose some threats which may have disparaging influence on civilizations. Cyber crime is a hazard in opposition to totally different organisations and other people whose computer systems are linked to the web and significantly mobile technology.

Cyber crime is a harmful crime involving computer systems or digital gadgets. Cyber crime mainly outlined as any legal exercise that happens over the Web. There are numerous examples comparable to fraud, malware comparable to viruses, id theft and cyber stalking. 

Earlier, cyber crime was dedicated primarily by people or small teams. Presently, it’s noticed that there’s extremely complicated cyber criminal networks deliver collectively people at international stage in real time to commit crimes.

At present, criminals that bask in cyber crimes usually are not motivated by ego or experience. As an alternative, they need to use their information to realize earnings promptly. They’re utilizing their functionality to snip, deceive and exploit individuals as they discover it simple to generate cash with out having to do an trustworthy work. 

There are numerous forms of cyber crimes: Hacking, theft, cyber stalking, Id theft, malicious software program, child soliciting and abuse, computer vandalism etc.

In Bangladesh number of incidents took place in recent years. So government is really serious about making those who are behind all these to pay a serious consequences. As a result different laws have been made.

As a result of increasing number of cyber crime, the governments all over the world as well as Bangladesh are taking necessary steps to prevent this. Different cyber laws are now introduced and cyber security system are also getting stronger in all the crucial government sectors.

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