20 ways to earn money as a student in Bangladesh 2021

There are many people who want to earn as a student and start a side job or you can say part-time jobs. And it is not unusual for college or university students to earn more than 50000 taka a month on the side job alone.

How to earn money as a student in Bangladesh

  • Internship
  • Food Delivery
  • Home Tutor
  • Be an Article Writer
  • Data Entry
  • Temporary Salesman
  • Part-time Salesmen
  • Handmade goods sale
  • Dropshipping
  • Affiliate Income
  • Hired Player and Tournament Organizer
  • Be a Youtuber
  • Virtual Currency
  • Selling Photos
  • Photography
  • Translation
  • Stocks and Mutual funds
  • Modeling
  • Share a Ride
  • Earn from Social media

Many people don’t know how to earn money even if they wish to.

This time we will tell you about 20 side jobs where students can earn money other than part-time jobs.

This is a must-see for college students who want to earn money with a side job.

Notes on making money for students

Do not try to earn money by gambling

When you become a college student, there are many who try to make money by starting horse racing and slingshots or betting their money on games.

Gambling can sometimes make a lot of money even if you lose, so depending on it you can be addictive. But, in the long run, most gambling is basically losing.

If you’re a college student and want to make money, don’t make money by gambling, and choose a side job that you can earn by continuing more reliably.

Choose a side job that will make a big deal in the future

As a college student, make a note of what you can do to make money in the future.

For example, a part-time job at a shop can earn 500 tk if you work for 5-7 hours at an hourly rate of 60-80 tk. These kinds of jobs won’t take you further in your career.

Many of the side jobs you can make a lot of in the future are skills-based side jobs.

For example, in the work such as writing, there was no skill at first, and people received orders for 0.2 cents per character, but with skills, you can now receive orders for 2-10 cents per character. So, we can earn a lot by learning continuously.

If you do so, you may be able to earn more than a 30-50 thousand taka per month by acquiring skills with the help of the side job that you could not easily earn when you first started as a college student.

Choose a side job that you can enjoy and enjoy

As I mentioned earlier, the important thing for university students to start a side job is to continue. The second job earned using skills also needs to be continued in order to gain skills.

The trick is to choose a side job that is fun and rewarding for you to continue. There are various points that make people feel rewarding, such as “increases a lot of income” and “please make others happy”.

So it’s important to choose a side job that you find fun to do.


Even internships are like part-time jobs where you can get paid, so if you are a college student, you can earn money while experiencing work.

Food Delivery

Pathao, Foodpanda etc. companies required so many delivery men or women to deliver their food to the customers. Food can be delivered by ordinary people registered with these companies.

Many people have seen people riding a bicycle carrying a yellow-green-pink box in the city center.

This is the job of transporting food at restaurants and other places by bicycle or moped. You can earn 40 to 60 taka per delivery.

Home Tutor

Home tutoring is one of the best side jobs that you can do while studying. You can earn over 30000-40000 easily. Some even earning 50000-60000 per month who took too seriously.

You can teach a batch of students from different classes that you are comfortable with and charge accordingly. Different handsome fees are available for different classes and different mediums.

You can even start your own coaching center and teach multiple batch of students throughout the day.

Be an Article Writer

An article writer is a way of making money by writing articles on web media (blogs) operated by companies and individuals.

You can write it even if you don’t have the writing skills and knowledge, because you can write it while searching for the theme you are not familiar with online.

Because it is a job of “writing sentences in your spare time”, it is also attractive that you can earn as much as you want in your past time.

People even offer 1500 taka for a thousand words. So the potential is huge if you can be really good at it.

Data Entry

A side job to combine documents and put into Word and Excel, data entry.

If you have a computer, you can start immediately, and if you concentrate on about 3 hours a day, you can expect an income of about 20000 to 30000 taka per month.

All the work is simple tasks such as “list Amazon product data in Excel” and “transcribe voice data”, so anyone can work easily.

It is a recommended job for those who want to start a side job at home now because the threshold is quite low.

Earn money with simple task like surveys, form fill up

You can make money with a legit site like Ysense. The tasks are simple and anyone can do them, it will take like half an hour of your time. Read the article to know more about earning with Ysense here.

Temporary Salesman

Every year good number fairs are being arranged all over Bangladesh. Job fair, commerce fair, book fair, handicraft fair and many more are common fairs of Bangladesh.

Lots of companies and brands participate in these fairs and they need temporary workers or salesmen to help them to manage these short term projects.

These companies can pay you 20000-25000 taka or even more for a contract of a few days. If you are experienced, you can apply for these part-time jobs throughout the year.

Part-time Salesmen

There are a lot of super-shops, mobile showrooms, tv and electronics showrooms, shopping centers and other temporary shops during big festivals ask for Part-time salesmen through different media.

You can get 10000-15000 per month for working 5/6 hours a day. Agora, Meena bazaar, Aarong etc. ask for salesmen in their shops on different occasions.

They are looking for young and energetic students who are dedicated to this kind of works.

Handmade goods sale

You can sell handmade goods such as miscellaneous goods, accessories and tableware. If you are good at making something, make it and sell it. 

You can sell these things through the internet. The price of these things can be given as much as you want.

People like and trust hand-made products very much. If you can do it properly and give them good services you can earn a good income every month.


This is an internet-based business system.

“Dropshipping” is a side job in which a manufacturer opens a shop for a specific product and ships the product if the person who saw it purchases it. 

Set the price higher than the original price, and the difference from the original price will be the reward.

There is a lot of competition, but the good thing about this side job is that you don’t have to buy or ship yourself, just sell and advertise, so there’s no risk of unsold and no hassle.

The earning potential from this business idea is limitless.

Affiliate Income

“Affiliate” is a commission-based advertising system. It is most recommended for anyone who wants to make a lot of money in the future by getting a reward from the advertiser when the product introduced on the blog or site is purchased or the service is used.

If you want to earn about 5,000 to 10,000 taka a month, you do not need the time and effort to get there, but if you want to earn more, you need to be ranked high in different Google search keywords, and you need considerable time and effort.

You can earn a full-time income through this.

Hired Player and Tournament Organizer

hired player

Bangladesh is a country where people are generally fond of sports. Most commonly played and favorite games are cricket, football and badminton.

Throughout the year many different tournaments are being organized all over the country. You can either play in these tournaments as a hired player with an amount or organize a tournament and earn by taking tournament fees.

If you are a really good and skilled player, people will be willing to pay you to play for their team. You can earn 30000-40000 per month depending on your skill in a particular game.

Be a Youtuber

Think about yourself. What are you good at. Can you make people laugh, can you act, can you make something out of nothing, can you even cook?

If you can do something that you know you are good at and you are not hesitant about showing it to people than youtube is a great platform to show your talent and earn decent money.

You can earn through Adsense and selling your own products.

Virtual Currency

You can also earn by buying and selling “virtual currency”. 

In recent years, many people have acquired assets of over 100 million in their 20s to 40s due to rising prices of bitcoin, a kind of virtual currency, have been featured on TV, so many people know that. Do you?

The advantage of virtual currency is that it can be used regardless of borders as long as there is an internet. 

In addition, further growth is expected, so further price increases can be expected. On the other hand, if the security of the exchange you are using is weak, there is a risk of hacking.

Selling Photos

There are several other sites where you can get rewards for selling photos, but we recommend Shutterstock, fotomoto etc. because these sites have the most members. 

Memberships are very important because if you don’t get someone to buy a photo you won’t get any rewards.


You can also earn money through photography. There are lots of events happen all over the country and they need professional photographers.

Marriages, events etc. can pay you a huge amount of money for a single project. Also, you can earn money by selling your photos online.


“Translation” is a side job that earns money by translating books, videos, and highly specialized sentences.

Although it is not a side job that anyone can do because foreign language skills are required, you can get a reward of about 1,000 to 5,000 tk per A4 sheet.

Stocks and Mutual funds

Investing in Stocks and mutual funds are a bit risky for an inexperienced guy. So be sure before investing your savings in these.

It is often asked, “Which is better, a stock or a mutual fund?”, But both are pros and cons.

Stock investments have momentum when prices rise because they invest in one stock, but losses may increase when prices fall. 

Also, since mutual funds are diversified, the momentum when the price rises will decrease, but the loss may decrease when the price drops.

From the above, it can be said that equities are good for short-term trading in one day to one week, and investment trusts are good for long-term trading in profit for several months.


Students life is the most suitable time for modeling. If you think you are good enough for this kind of works you can make a good portfolio and show it to the different modeling agencies.

If these agencies like you, they can give you opportunities. Your connections with different persons in these industries are also very crucial.

Share a Ride

Sharing ride has been a revolutionary invention in this country for several years. Pathao, Uber are one of the multimillion-dollar companies in Bangladesh.

If you have a motorcycle or a car you can share your ride with someone else and earn money for the fare. You can earn 15000-20000 per month if you share your ride on a daily basis.

Earn from Social media

Social media is not only a medium of connection and entertainment, if you can use it properly it can be really helpful for you to earn a decent amount.

If you have Facebook, Instagram or Twitter account and you have a good amount of followers on these platforms you can turn them into the buyers of different products.


So, these are the few ideas that we thought are suitable and easier for a student to work on. Before starting these ideas and implementing be sure and research thoroughly.

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