30 Easy Ways to Earn Money Online in Bangladesh 2021

Opportunities to make money online are everywhere. Wherever you live in this world, Bangladesh or anywhere else, methods of earning money online are almost the same.

Ways to earn money online in Bangladesh


We live in this age of mobile internet. Even without leaving home, almost everyone has the ability to make money online. If you have been wondering how to make money online, read on!


To start earning money online in Bangladesh, you must have a lot of patience and the most important dedication, and you should know that every start is difficult, but that doesn’t mean I don’t know its results.

The world is turning to the personal on-demand economy, which offers great opportunities for entrepreneurship, wealth creation, remote work and time freedom.

Think about it. When Facebook founder Zuckerberg left Harvard University, he continued to be one of the five billion people who have been rich since the university was founded.

He only used laptops, internet connections and some good ideas. For many people, if they want to work from home and use mobile phone networks, they can make money anytime and anywhere.

So enough talking. Let’s start the list. There are investment pages, you must be very careful if you invest, you may lose cash, so this does not happen without too much risk.


Let me tell you, most people who don’t have the money will use these other options if they can.

Here I will show you which platforms can earn income online without investment in 2020


The function of some pages is to generate revenue by watching advertisements, the famous PTC (Paid Click), there are several ways to get revenue from these platforms, in addition to seeing ads, they have mini-jobs, survey and earn more through referrals.

Many people recommend them for mid/long-term work because they are very easy to use and generate the most income.

BE CAREFULL! Many of these sites are a fraud. Especially in Bangladesh, this happens many a time. We don’t recommend these sites that much. This is the least in our priorities.


It’s possible to get cash through surveys, this is a great way to earn income online in 2020. there are several pages to get cash through surveys and they are very easy to achieve.

Some pages limit your work, depending on a country, so you have to take this into account, although there are many people who use VPNs to hide their sources and use these platforms to make money without problems.

You can make good money without referrals, and some pages will tell you more or less the answers to certain types of surveys.


Have you entered a page asking you to verify that ‘are you human?’ I assure you, yes.

I know that it will be a bit annoying every time you go to a page, I ask you to do so, but imagine earning money by filling out these texts or choosing pictures.

There are several platforms that can solve these verification codes for a fee because they need to improve security so that robots do not enter the web.

Earn money with simple task like surveys, form fill up

You can make money with a legit site like Ysense. The tasks are simple and anyone can do them, it will take like half an hour of your time. Read the article to know more about earning with Ysense here.


Bitcoin is the world’s first cryptocurrency, and there are many ways to earn a few cents of Bitcoin. You can use this coin on the internet only.

Although its price is constantly changing, it is one of the most commonly used electronic currencies that can accept various payments.

Depending on the country, you can buy and sell Bitcoin at any time as needed.


These platforms can reduce or hide your URLs, at least the shortened version of Google will not generate any money, but there are other shortened versions of the platforms, and they work very well.

Its operation is a bit simple. After shortening its link as an advertising format, everyone who enters must wait a few seconds to continue.

For each person who enters the link, we will get a score in US dollars.


It would seem, how can you make money on your own resume? There are resources that are ready to pay you a dollar.

Also, you can provide a resume selling service on your website or else you can find freelancing work for the people in need.


Yes, sometimes reading letters is useful. The essence of this earnings is based on the fact that you open and view commercial correspondence.

That is, what companies pay money for by sending newsletters to their customer base, and these customers are too lazy to open and watch.


There are applications that allow you to generate points that can be exchanged for digital currencies, such as PayPal balances or Amazon gift cards.

Every time you download an app or video, its functionality is simple, giving you some points that you can redeem for prizes, the more points you get, the more money you get.

This is a great way to get cash in your spare time when you do nothing during work breaks or at home.


We have already partially talked about such areas of freelance as copyright, rewrite. But the concept of freelance is much broader.

In the freelance market, many skills are in demand – design, website layout, programming, accounting, video editing, and much more.

But not only those who have specialized skills are able to find orders for themselves here. There are also simple ones, such as translating audio recordings into text format, posting ads on the network and much more.

Look for a freelancing job here.




Although this option is not highly recommended, many people do. You have to keep in mind that you may lose your income and you should do it at your own risk.


Forex is currency trading (stock market), and if the value increases, you can exchange one currency for another.

This way of earning money online is not easy, you have to work hard to learn how it works and learn to do technical analysis and apathy because you can get what you can lose in cash.

In short, trading is almost the same as forex, but changes will accompany cryptocurrencies.


It sounds simple, just choose the asset (currency) and bet on its value going up or down. 

Just like forex and trading, you have to understand a lot and technical analysis, and if you try to do this, you may lose a lot of income.

Just as you can win a lot of cash by betting this way, if you don’t know how to win more than you, you are more likely

In this digital age, it’s easier than ever to learn how to make money online. 

This is the most earning method for most people including college students.

Now you can use platforms like Flexjobs to instantly find remote jobs and take up some freelance jobs. 

Then use Airbnb to host your own home or live in another country for several months. You can do this while saving a lot of money compared to current rents.

Other popular ways to make money online

1. Start blogging
Let’s be honest: you probably won’t make much money from your blog. 

However, working with the above-mentioned way of thinking, you have a greater chance of turning it into a mini-business. 

The reason is simple: If you create a single-money blog, you are doing it for the wrong reason. 

If you do it out of great enthusiasm for a particular topic, keep posting and building a follower on social media, you will soon attract an audience that may eventually be monetized. 

2. Auction on eBay
Whether eBay is partly responsible for the risk of 44% of retail jobs being subject to “artificial intelligence acquisitions” is controversial, but it remains a great way to make money online. 

What’s more, there is a market for almost everything: it’s yours, old, unwanted ornaments, maybe the missing part of someone’s puzzle.

3. Rent a room on Airbnb
Airbnb completely disrupted the hotel industry. This is not the best news for hotels, but it is good news for those who want to make money online and don’t mind giving up space to vacationers at home. 

It requires research and a lot of planning but may be the ideal way to increase household income-especially if you have an unused spare bedroom.

4. Sell Photos Online
iStock and Shutterstock provide a great way for amateur or professional photographers to sell their photos online. 

You won’t make a lot of money for each picture, but if you are persistent and can regularly add photos from a library of well-shot and cleverly crafted images, you may create a good source of passive income for yourself.

5.Uber and Pathao driving
Never making headlines, Uber remains one of the most controversial tech companies in the digital age. Also, a new addition to that pathao is quite handy too.

Still, if you want to make some short-term cash and enjoy driving, then it might be worth a try. 

Just remember to do your preparation and make sure that transporting strangers behind the car for a long time is something you can accept.

6. Use “Fulfilled-by-Amazon”
If someone used to shop on Amazon, you will find the “Fulfilled-by-Amazon” label on some products. 

This demonstrates Amazon’s responsibility to select, pack, and ship orders for third-party retailers. 

This is another huge market where you can grab attention, but if you have a good product line that costs between $ 10 and $ 50, you can have a meager income.

7. Answer the question
Sites like JustAnswer do a great job of connecting people to experts. If you have a wealth of knowledge in a field, you may find many people happy to pay for your suggestions.

8. Make videos on YouTube

What do you do when you need to know how to do something? You might choose a device, go to YouTube and consult the world’s largest video catalog for answers. 

YouTube has answered the question of how to make money online for thousands of viewers. 

If you are particularly proficient in software, video games, sports or hobbies, why not shoot yourself a tutorial?

You can break any discipline of it and show how it is done. Over time, the more subscribers you get, the more likely you are to get a portion of your ad revenue from YouTube. 

It’s a slow burn, but if you have the time and skills, it’s worth exploring.

9. Become a virtual assistant
The economy is booming and you can participate in it. ‘Gigging’ mainly refers to the ability of people to make money by performing specific tasks. 

For example, if you are a gardener, someone may want to hire you for a weekend to sort out their former garden. 

Or, if you don’t mind acting as a secretary occasionally, some businesses will look for such freelancers to share the burden when things get busy. 

Similarly, fellow freelancers may need to complete various tasks-you can be their assistant.

10. Writing for the website

If you’ve started blogging and haven’t earned any form of passive income but as the writing process, there are other options. 

If you complete the task, some websites will pay for the article. If you can write engaging, unique and well-researched blog posts, businesses may also invest in your services. 

You can earn money online if you are persistent and willing to continuously improve your articles.

11. Create and sell e-books
E-books have about 3,000 or more words and are not fully mature books. 

Instead, they are short documents for people to download and learn the details of a topic. 

If you are an expert in a specific niche market, then creating an ebook and selling it is a great way to make money.

12. Develop an application

This requires technical skills. However, if you are a budding developer, you can immerse yourself in the world of application development. 

The market has exploded since Apple launched the App Store in 2008. 

However, there is still room for talented developers, and if you create a tool that benefits a specific audience, people will invest in it. 

13. Sell Your Design Services

99designs is a great business channel for creative products. If you use drawing software and like to create image logos, why not use this skill and earn extra cash? 

When working directly with customers, you don’t actually do that much.

14. Create People PerHour Profile

Just like 99designs, PeoplePerHour is a website for freelancers seeking a wider audience. 

For a relatively small commission, PeoplePerHour can look for workers with various skills. 

Jobs can quickly ‘help me now’ affairs, or long-term projects. 

However, by creating a profile on the website, you put your skills in front of and will always be known to them.

15. Use Email Marketing

Email marketing is effective. Three-quarters of businesses using email marketing agree that it provides a “good to good” return on investment. 

There is no better and more direct way to get it in front of many people than via email. 

Just avoid buying lists (organically increase them by creating websites and registries first) and be patient. Email marketing-just like any form of organic online commerce-takes time.

16. Be a Transcriber

You can be a transcriber and earn a good income online. The languages that you are expert in can be your asset.

You can translate English books, E-books, news and other related works for the clients.

17. Copywriter

You can be a copywriter and take it as a full-time profession. Every month big companies need to send so many important e-mails and they need someone expert in this.

You need to learn this task before doing it perfectly. You can earn even $100 per mail.so the potential is really high here.

18. Reviewing Video Games

No, we’re not talking about YouTube right now. And about specialized portals that specialize in covering the information world of computer games. Some great sites are willing to pay for your reviews. In general, many thematic sites with arms and legs take those who can create useful and interesting content.

19. Product Review

If you have a good number of followers on social media you can earn a handsome income through reviewing different sponsor products.

Big companies are willing to pay you for the advertisement of their products on popular youtube channels, Facebook, Instagram etc.

You can charge them a big amount depending on the followers and how big the company is.

Why most people can’t make big money online

Most people who start searching for earning options on the Internet have one psychological problem that can slow down the search.

They want the profit from no work and fast. But all options with sufficient profit require a large investment of time.

Those options that offer quick profits cannot boast large amounts.

As a result, a person rushes between the reluctance to spend time and the reluctance to earn little.

Although in fact, making money by the little things, it is quite possible to create start-up capital for the implementation of a large project that will bring tangible profits.

The second factor may seem strange. Big choice. Surprisingly, many options only interfere with staying on one thing.

You begin to compare, isolating the advantages and disadvantages, and you can not stop.

And there is plenty to choose from. Starting from the development of your own group in a social network, your own website, freelance, ending with the resale of things, auctions, information business, administration and other things.

Therefore, the goal of our article is to show the main ways of making money on the Internet.


The biggest lesson for people who make money online is the right way of thinking. 

Remember-find your niche, be patient, believe in yourself and don’t be pushed down by the big market. There is a space in the digital space for all of us to make money online.

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