Essay/composition: A winter morning (890 words)

A winter morning Composition for class 5, class 6, class 7, class 8, class 9, class 10, class 12.

Last year, it was on 25th of December. On waking up at seven o’clock in the morning, I noticed that the quilt from above was very cold and moist.

I looked outside the window and found that nothing was visible from a distance. There was a thick fog everywhere. Didn’t feel like getting out of the quilt. At the urging of my mother, with great heart, I dared to come out of the quilt.

Morning view:

As soon as I got out of bed, I put on warm clothes. Wearing a woolen shawl, I rinse-toothed and dealt with routine work. After drinking tea, I put on pants, coat, jersey, socks and shoes, and with a muffler wrapped in my ears, I went out for a walk outside the house. The school was closed that day. It was a big day off.

Coming out, I saw that there was a very cold and icy wind. The mist was still capped. Nothing was visible beyond 3-4 meters. Oncoming cars and scooters lit their lights, going slowly as they too could not see anything far away.

A light white layer of frost was frozen on the grass of the field. In such a situation, it was very courageous to go out for a walk. I saw a dog dead on the road. Possibly he died of the cold of the night.

Canal View:

I walked out of the canal. There is a canal just one kilometer from my house. There are large dense trees on both sides of the canal. Arriving there, I saw that only a few people were visible. Water was stored in a pit on the bank of the canal. There was a layer of ice on it.

Trees had grown up on the leaves and grass on the shore. Small ice particles were shining on it with the light rays of the sun. Neither the bird’s chirping was heard nor the sting of water. After removing the hand from the canal water, I wiped it with a handkerchief and again wore gloves.

Only after a while, life came to the locality. By now my nose had become numb from the chin. I also started to get cold. I stroll there for some time. Sometimes I was running fast, causing some heat.

Street View:

It was very cold on the banks of the canal. I could not stay there much longer due to cold, frost and fog. There was also a risk of a cold in the canal being open for too long. So I returned after a while.

I was feeling myself shivering in the cold when I heard a loud sound from far away. Walking a short distance away, I saw a loud sound coming from inside a nearby hut. I called for a while and looked inside the hut.

The same I saw a man moaning in sackcloth and rags. He was completely alone. I moved the door of the hut. He opened completely. When I looked carefully, I found that he was an old beggar, begging on the steps of a nearby temple.

He had fainted from the cold of the previous night and a grunt was coming out of his mouth. I went out and collected some twigs and paper etc. Matchboxes were seen in one corner of the hut.

I lit a fire and slowly rubbed the old man’s hands and feet.

After a while, he started feeling warm. When he regained consciousness, I gave him a note of 10 taka and walked towards the house. He gave me great prayers. My heart was also very cheerful by doing noble work.

House view:

Went home at nine o’clock. Now slowly the fog was beginning to get trimmed and the weather started to look pleasant. The rays of the sun were looking like playing hide and seek. The heat of the sun was yet to be felt. As soon as I entered the house, the sound of laughter hit in my ears.

Laughter was coming from my drawing-room. At first, I wondered how are you laughing in such a cold. After coming in, I saw that some of my father’s friends were coming home.

Hot Pithas and tea were going on at the dining table. It was a holiday. All the people were busy eating and drinking on a winter morning. The room had two heaters and the windows were closed. As soon as I entered the room, I felt that I have come to heaven.

Now the body was warm, extra clothes were not needed. I removed the coat and muffler and hung it in one corner and put hand gloves in the coat pocket. My father and his friends called me to join them. I also felt hungry.

I only ate a couple of pakoras. After that Mother brought hot pudding to the plates. I love pudding. I also enjoyed tea by eating pudding and pakoras.

The winter days are definitely very intoxicating and pleasant for the rich. But the poor are the one who suffers the most. The scene of the hut still dominated my mind. I felt that winter makes the rich happy and makes it difficult for the poor.

Apart from the suffering of the poor, normally a winter morning brings joy and excitement to people’s life. I love the winter mornings.

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