How to Get Student Visa for Canada From Bangladesh (With Cost)

Canada is one of the world’s first countries in the arena of quality higher education. Residential benefits are not available in many developed countries after finishing graduation.

In this case, students can put Canada at the top of their list of choices.

Because in this country, after the end of the education life, there is an easy choice to find a job. If you want to go to Canada to pursue higher education, read the detail process of the visa application and the various issues involved.

There are few steps to get a Canadian student visa from Bangladesh.

  1. First, you need a passport.
  2. You have to complete an IELTS course and sit for the IELTS exam.
  3. You have to score at least 6.0 in the IELTS exam.
  4. Then you can apply for the Canadian Universities of your choice.
  5. If you get the offer letter from a university then you should start collecting require documents.
  6. At last, you can apply for a visa.


The first thing you need to apply for a visa is a passport. Making a passport is your first and easiest task. You can go to the passport office of your city and apply for it.

Passport is a very important thing in terms of going abroad and holding an identity in a foreign country.

So put all of your information correctly and carefully while applying for a passport. You should get your passport after one or two months of applying.


One thing you should know is that you can apply for a canadian visa without IELTS. You may also get an offer letter. But it will be difficult to get a visa.

Even if it is a conditional offer letter. You have to finish the foundation program, get good results. It is also more likely to have visa rejection without IELTS.

It is always better to sit for an IELTS exam before applying. Your chance increases for getting a visa if you gain a good score in IELTS. Some universities even offer different scholarships if you have an outstanding score like 7.5, 8.00 or above.

The minimum IELTS band score you need, as some universities recommended is 6.0. You can do your IELTS course from any institution in the country. To apply for the Top Universities you need a good GMAT OR GRE score.

But it is not really necessary because if you are an O’ level A’ level student you should easily crack the exam. Just research the internet about the question pattern.

If you did not study in an English medium school or not feeling that confident you should better finish the 3 months course.

Each IELTS exam will cost you about 20000 taka.

Offer letter

You must first get an offer letter from a university in Canada to get a Student visa. For this, you must first apply to a university of your choice.

Apply according to the rules of applying given on the university web, and then collect the offer letter from the university, if given.

Apply for a study permit

There is no such thing as ‘student visa’ in Canada. Basically, a study permit is given, which is called a student visa.

Study permits largely depend on the course duration at your educational institution. This means, if the duration of the course is four years, then the duration of your study permit will also be four years. You will be given an additional 90days.

If your study program is 6 months or less, you do not need to get any study permit. If someone in your family is a resident from Canada, you do not even need to get a study permit.

Apply for a Canada study permit online first on the Citizenship and Immigration Canada (CIC) website. Or, you can also apply offline by contacting the nearest Canadian Embassy.

Papers you need to attach to apply

The papers are – Admission Letter or offer Letter from University or College of Canada, All Education Certificates and mark sheets, Birth Certificate, Police Clearance Certificate, Tuition Fee Payment Receipt, Bank Sponsored Letter and Source of Income of Your Sponsor etc.

In Details, what you need are-

  • A Canadian government-approved university offer letter.
  • You have enough financial resources to pay for your living, eating and reading expenses while living in Canada.
  • Proof that you are not involved in any terrorist activity.
  • Medical reports as proof that you are perfectly healthy.
  • An oath that you won’t engage in any kind of terrorist activity.

However, you cannot live in Canada with this study permit. You need to apply for a Temporary Resident Visa or Electronic Travel Authorization (ETA) visa to travel and live in Canada.

You will need to add these following things while you are living in Canada.

  • You have enough financial resources to cover your expenses.
  • Bank of Canada has your own bank account, bank statement, bank draft, a year’s worth of living and reading expenses.
  • Letter from a person or organization that gives you funding.
  • Proof if you have received a scholarship.

How to apply

For Student Visa, you can read the visa office instruction form number IMM-5850. There is a detailed description of the rules for filling the forms. Then the documents checklist should be also read well.

There are some forms that need to be filled out, along with the form number. You can also get the Documents Checklist from the Canada Visa Facilitation Center (VFS) to assure that you have given all the papers.

The student visa application form number IMM-1294 has to be filled.

Fill out the Family Information Form number IMM-5707.

If the visa applicant is below 18 years, then he has to fill the custodial declaration form number IMM-5646.

If you have processed the file with the Canadian Immigration Consultant (ICRC), then fill out Form IMM-5476.

There is a questionnaire form for a student visa. It has to be filled out and attached to the file.

The person who sponsors you must show the source of income. He has to prove his annual income, TIN certificate and relationship with you.

All of these things will cost you 9000-10000 tk to apply for a study permit. In addition, after applying for a study permit, biometric information such as fingerprints and photographs should be sent from the nearest Visa Application Center. This process can cost up to 16000-17000 tk.

Document Submission

You have to submit your documents at VFS at the Delta Life Tower in Gulshan, Dhaka.

There is no appointment process online. Centralized processing center for Singapore, Bangladesh, Malaysia, Brunei and Singapore.

Each file in Bangladesh is processed through Singapore to VFS in Dhaka for saving and distributing. You must keep your Visa fees with you when submitting files.

Getting Your Visa

Within a month of applying for a study permit, you will be notified by letter or mail asking if you will need biometric information. If necessary, send biometric information through the instructions described above.

Your application form will then be verified and viewed. If there is a problem with incomplete information or need any additional documents, they will let you know.

In some cases, you might even be called from the Immigration Office for an interview or asked to send some additional information.

If they accept your application form, they will send you a confirmation letter. This confirmation letter must be shown at the Immigration Office upon arrival in Canada.

And if they do not accept your application form, they will send you a mail explaining the reason.

Applying for a temporary resident visa

After obtaining your study permit, you will need to apply for a Temporary Resident Visa. Things you need to apply for this visa –

  • A properly filled application form.
  • Original copy of an offer letter issued by an admitted university.
  • Four passport size pictures.
  • Passports that are one month extended than your course deadline.
  • All your national papers, such as birth certificate, national identity card, etc.
  • All your academic papers.
  • Proof of financial transparency. Detailed information including sponsor proof.
  • Proof of a study permit fee that has been given.
  • Scan copy of Visa Enrollment’s electronic confirmation.

Tuition Fees

The tuition fees for Undergraduate students is somewhere between 13000 to 25000 CAD.

And for the post-graduation, it is 15000-35000 CAD.


I hope, you got the whole thing about getting a student visa for Canada from Bangladesh.

Bangladesh is the 2nd most successful country in South Asia in terms of getting Candian visas. 54% out of 100 candidates get their visas successfully every year.

Canada is the most attractive country for Bangladeshi youths for higher education.

Although Australia and the United States are considered to be a dream country for Bangladeshi students after Canada.

Canada opens the immense possibilities for the whole world, including Bangladesh, especially for those who wish to immigrate to a particular country at the end of their education.

Hope this article was helpful to you. Thanks for reading.

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