How to be a Successful Freelancer in Bangladesh

A freelancer is “An entrepreneur must be prepared to establish modes of operation that minimize fixed costs and maximize the performance of their tasks.”

Here are the things you need to be a freelancer in Bangladesh

  • Learn a skill.
  • Make a profile on freelance websites.
  • Fix your rate.
  • Bid and get a job.

What is a freelance job?

Freelancing is one such way to earn money, where no one is your boss. You are your own boss, and work according to your time and earn money through freelancing.

However, while freelancing, it is necessary to keep in mind that the websites you are working for are all trustworthy.

Many times people go to work for scam sites during freelancing, where they do not get the money for the work done by them. So while freelancing, it is very important to keep this in mind.

However, there are many websites that can be trusted blindly. Very good money can be made there.

Who is a Freelancer?

A person who works on his own, managing his own pace, times and place of work, in the activity that he develops. Freelancers are at the forefront of an economic revolution, mainly in emerging economies like Bangladesh.

The Internet is presented today as a possibility to enlarge the market. A Bangladeshi freelancer can be hired to work for a company in the United States or Europe that hires his/her services for a specific project.

In this sense, the key to online business lies in creating flexible structures that allow adapting to the specific needs of each project.

An entrepreneur must be prepared to establish operating modalities that minimize fixed costs and maximize the performance of their tasks.

Here are a few keys to being a successful freelancer in Bangladesh:

DETERMINE WHAT IS YOUR BEST SKILL: correctly choose your skill area, a niche that is unique and add value. Learn those skills perfectly.

FOCUS ON AN ACTIVITY: Try to position yourself in your ability and branch out unnecessarily. No one knows everything, all the time.

Covering areas outside of our abilities will only waste time, money and quality. The ideal is to focus on the chosen niche, on the selected or studied skill, and constantly train within said area or related areas.

OVERCOMING YOUR COMPETITORS: strive to offer something different from the competition, differentiating yourself by the quality of your work and your responsibility.

In the world online the same happens in the world offline. We must know what our competition does, investigate and overcome them. Price is not the only variable.

Setting goals, ordering, improving times, innovating and delivering on time will make us more reliable, credible and accepted to perform certain jobs above our competition.

PROPERLY SELECT EACH JOB OFFER YOU RECEIVE: Avoid offers that sound promising and too good to be true. Don’t be afraid to say “No” to questionable projects. Bad customers are not good for your business.

They will undermine your energy and undermine the well-being of being a freelancer. Worst of all, they are going to save you valuable time that could be better spent with clients that are worth it.

VALUE TIME AND EFFORT: make your work count. Familiarize yourself with current prices or costs to avoid so as not to be cheated or induced to work for pennies.

How to start freelancing work and earn money from Bangladesh

To do this, follow these steps:

For this, first, you have to create your profile on a freelancing website.
Some special websites are, Upwork, Alliance, Toptal, Freelancer, Guru, 99 Design, PeopleOver etc. All these websites are reliable, where you can create your profile for freelance job.

To create a profile on the website, you have to give your name, old working experience, overview, what kind of work you want to do, etc.

Here you are also given training of work in the beginning, by which you can also learn work.

Looking at your profile here, clients talk to you and describe their work to you. In this way you get work.

If your work is good then your profile is rated by the client. Based on that rating, other clients also approach you and gradually you get other works.

On completion of work, you are paid according to your work. Mostly you are paid in dollars, which you can transfer to your bank account.

Jobs you can do as a freelancer from Bangladesh.

Here, you can easily work as a freelance by getting work according to your ability and you can earn a good amount of money. The more and better work you do in freelancing, the more money you will be able to earn.

You can earn thousands and millions of taka sitting at home by working in it. While doing freelancing, just keep in mind that the quality of your work should be better, because you are responsible for marketing your work in this area.

Here we make a list of some freelance business ideas, you can start your business by choosing any option according to your wish.

Blogging – Nowadays, there are many such sites, who are searching for such people for themselves, who work for them on various topics.

You can choose the company according to your wish and do blogging work for someone else from your home. If you want, you can start your own business by starting your own site as per your wish.

Nowadays there are many such examples in the market, who are earning millions of rupees a month through blogging.

Teaching – Teaching is a job which is in great demand both online and offline. If you also have the ability to teach, then you can make a video on your subject and share it on the online platform.

This can prove to be a good business for you. Apart from this, you can do online teaching by doing job for someone else, in return, you will get money according to the hours worked.

Advertising Copy writing – Getting clicks on your ad online is not so easy. Most business owners do not know what they should write in their ad, so that their advertisement gets more clicks.

If you have knowledge of this, then you can give your services in this field and earn money.

Stock Photography – If you have a good camera and you are ready for photography, then you can download your photos on various photo stock sites. And you get royalty charges for every photo is being downloaded.

Ghost Writing – Many people have to write for their jobs or business, but they do not have enough time or skill to write.

You can write your book, article and blog and then the person who hired you to publish the material you have written under your name. If you also have this kind of ability, then you can earn quite well.

Magazine Article Writing – There are many magazine companies in the market that write articles for their magazine from outside. If you are also able to work on articles, stories and other projects according to their demand then this can prove to be a better option for you.

Translation – Nowadays work is done at the global level, so there is a lot of demand for translators in the market. If you have knowledge of Spanish, Chinese, French, Arabic and any other major global language, then you can get material to translate on various online platforms.

Your earning in this field depends on your language skill, if you work on a rare language, you will earn more.

Graphic Designing – In today’s time, there is a lot of demand for graphic designers in the online market. Many people need things like logos, infographics, memes, and cover photos all the time.

Everywhere there is a lot of work for the graphic designer, but if we talk about this whole field, then there is so much work for a graphic designer to do this full time.

Virtual Assistant Work – There is a lot of office work in any business, such as checking email, servicing customers, issuing invoices and maintaining online books.

Nowadays, in the era of the internet, it is possible to handle all even from far away. If you want, you can work as an online virtual assistant and start your work from your home.

Programming – If programming had not taken place, the internet would not have existed, nor would this development have been possible in this field.

If you know programming, you can earn well in this field. You can earn millions every year by doing works like website development, new and complex website construction in this field.

Music Writing and Production – According to copyright rules, film and TV producers can use very limited things in their production. Many freelance musicians can write and perform music for them.

If you are skilled in this art, then you too can make songs and jingles, and if you like the creations you make, you get money in return.

Photo Editing – If you know how to work on photoshop, then you can offer your services as a photo editor in the online market. People use different photos on their online platform, for which they need to change many of the existing photos.

If those people do not want to buy their own photo editing software and do not want to spend their time on it, then they can take these services from you and pay you in return.

Travel Consulting – If you can make a good travel plan yourself, then you can do this work for others as well and make their travel experience even better.

You can earn money by helping people plan their holidays and book their trips at an affordable price. If you want, you can do this automatically or you can also do this by connecting with a site like

Accounting – If you are able to manage the account then you can also do this job online and earn more money. If you also have knowledge related to tax then you can earn relatively more money.

Many small businessmen also hire online accountants to manage their accounts, so you too can earn money by sitting at home.

Online Researching – Different types of data are required to complete many online projects. If you are a good researcher then you can earn money by doing this work online.

You have to search the data as per the wishes of the front and provide them the necessary information and you will be given your help in return.

Editing – Editing service is in high demand for online platforms. As an editor, you can work on various freelance projects and earn money. How much you can earn as an editor depends entirely on your work and what kind of project you are editing.

Social Media Management – In today’s time, social media is very important for any business. Various merchants use this to reach out to their potential customers, provide customer service to their regular customers and increase traffic to their official site.

But to manage it well for any business, it takes hours in a day. You can use social media for any business.

Why many Bangladeshi freelancers fail to earn good money?

The reason is quite simple.

  1. Lack of Skills.
  2. Lack of communication skill in English
  3. Lack of patience


The lifestyle of the freelancer can be exciting but at the same time a guillotine.

The choice is yours.

If you use your head and if you have a strong reason, then choosing a freelance profession is the best thing you can do.

But if you prefer to make the belly decide and if you have chosen the profession for a fallback or waiting for a permanent job, then every day will be like a punch in the stomach.

Here are a couple of other tips that every freelancer should take to heart:

Don’t sleep more than six hours.

Six hours is more than enough to sleep.

You can go to bed at midnight and wake up at six in the morning.

You can have breakfast calmly, study a couple of hours and start the day with a perspective and energy never seen before, I can assure you.

Set the times and communicate with clients.

Take care of yourself.

When you are a freelancer it is easy to neglect your health. Remember to eat well and exercise.

The freelancer trades time for money.

Put simply, if you don’t work you don’t earn. But illness or injury is likely to force you to rest and not be able to go to work.

You don’t have to accept every job.

The advice I give you is to focus only on the best projects, even if you are at the beginning of your business.

Finally …

There will be difficult moments, obstacles to overcome and heaps of heavy problems like the mountains. But, it takes skills, enthusiasm, discipline and a strong reason to do freelancing.


It is true that in freelancing you are free from corporate tightness. You are your boss and can act as you like. However, it is not so easy to become a successful freelancer in Bangladesh.

Freelancing gives you the freedom to work on your own terms, but it is not a bed of roses. One has to work hard to build his identity. You will be considered a successful freelancer only if you have regular income from it.

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