The proper way to get admission to Harvard for Bangladeshi Students in 2021

Everyone dreams of studying at one of the best universities in the world, like Harvard University.

But the lack of knowledge of the right information may not let you apply properly at Harvard.

Therefore, the rate of admission from Bangladesh to Harvard or other foreign universities is lower.

How to get admission to Harvard University from Bangladesh?

  • You need high-quality English skills and financial ability.
  • You need to get a good score in SAT or ACT and TOEFL test.
  • You have to submit your academic transcript, mark sheet.
  • You should be one of the top students in your class.
  • If your application gets accepted then the committee will rate your application.
  • Your application will be rated from 1 to 6 based on academic and extracurricular skills.
  • Then a 40 people committee will take the final decision if you can get the admission or not.

With proper knowledge as well as some qualifications, it is possible to apply for admission on your own.

Today, I will discuss major points to get a proper direction for the admission process to Harvard University

Who can apply for Harvard University?

BA, BS, or equivalent undergraduate degree.
For international students, they need a three- or four-year undergraduate degree from an institution of recognized standing.

What should be your score on SAT and ACT for Harvard University?

Your SAT score should be 1560 out of 1600.
And ACT score should be 35 out of 36.

How do you get a scholarship to Harvard?

First, you need to apply for a scholarship. Then, You have to pass an I-20 test for a scholarship.


You can see full qualifications here

  • The qualifications required to study at Harvard University

First of all, it requires language skills and financial ability.

Harvard University has two aspects to look at first. There is no special benefit for the applicant if he/she is American.

But if the applicant is from a country other than the US, there is a scholarship opportunity for him.

That’s why you must contact a Harvard professor in advance. And those who cannot contact a professor, Harvard University consider them as much as any other student, regardless of their country.

Harvard University accepts two types of applications for admission. One is an application for an internal, ie American student, another is an application for a foreign country.

If you apply from outside the United States, you must abide by all the conditions that American students hold.

  • The qualifications required to study at Harvard University

Harvard University authorities have reached an agreement with the United Kingdom on admissions-related issues.

Under the agreement, UK students will be considered eligible for admission to Harvard if they can show quite a few qualifications. They have launched a website to answer this question.

All information on admission to Harvard from the UK will be available on this website. Other support will also be available.

For admission to Harvard, you will need to take an SAT or ACT (with Writing) test. At the same time, two subject tests will be taken on the SAT.

Some people think that the two subject tests are not required, they think only by giving the English Language Proficiency Test (ELPT) test is enough.

But Harvard University has clearly stated on their website that only the English Language Proficiency Test (ELPT) will not be adequate. Visit here to find out more.

One of the skills required to apply at Harvard is to become proficient in the English language. At the same time, you need to understand fast English and respond more quickly.

Test of English as a Foreign Language (TOEFL) test is required to test your English language skills. The mark received on the TOEFL test should be attached to the application form.

  • The qualifications required to study at Harvard University

When possible, the university authorities conduct an interview with the applicant. However, if one is absent this time (due to distance), this will not affect admission.

There is a lot of money to pay for this university. As a Bangladeshi, you have to bear the same cost as an American student pay.

But Harvard will give you the opportunity to apply for Financial Aid, and if you apply, they will give you a scholarship concerning your family condition.

For this, you need to pass an I-20 test. If you apply for admission only, and not applying for I-20 then they will not give you a visa.

  • The qualifications required to study at Harvard University

Many people have problems with English. So with the help of various online translators, they translated the documents and sent them to the university authorities.

If one does it, then the name of the transcriber with which it was translated should be mentioned. The untranslated copy should be sent as well.

To study at Harvard University, you have to calculate a total of 65,000 dollars. Besides, the other costs are much higher. But don’t be afraid, Harvard University offers a 60 percent scholarship to students.

How hard it is to get Admission at Harvard?

  • Each application is rated between 1 to 6.
  • 1 rating is the best and 6 is not likely to be an admission.
  • Harvard has given 88% of the number one student in Athletics.
  • Only 2024 out of 43000 average applications get admission

Every year, thousands of students think that despite scoring a grade of A and perfect 10, why are they not able to get admission at Harvard University? 

The reason they do not get admission is that Harvard University selects only one student out of every 20. Athletics and extracurricular activity are emphasized more than previous records of studies.

Harvard University gets 43 thousand applications every year, but only 2024 are able to get admission. 

During a hearing in a federal court in Boston, the data related to the process of granting admission to students at Harvard University came to the world for the first time. 

Harvard is accused of discriminating against Asia and American applicants. 

How applications are processed at Harvard?

Other universities also get a huge number of applications
like Harvard University in the US. Harvard is not the top university that has the most applications. 

Two years ago, one million applications reached the University of California. New York University received 75 thousand applications for admission this year. 

Harvard  University Dean William R. Fitzsimmons testified selection process in court testimony

  • The first applications are divided into 20 groups. They are ranked according to cities such as California, Texas, Virginia, Maryland, Delaware, and Columbia. These are called dockets. 
  • Subsequently, a subcommittee of four to five admission officers scrutinizes the essays, transcripts, test scores and recommendation letters written by the students. Subcommittee also observes which race or area the student belongs to. 
  • After this, a summary sheet for each application is created. It has comments and the candidate is rated between 1 to 6. 1 is the best and 6 is the least and there is no possibility of admission. 
  • This rating is given on academic, extracurricular, athletic and personal records. The leadership skills and character of the student are seen in the personal category. 
  • Some applications are also given to other members of the subcommittee so that they too can write their ratings. In case of confusion, a professor reads the ratings. 
  • Alumni comments are also given importance. The subcommittee is followed by voting and voting.
  • After this, the file is sent to the Admission Committee of 40 people. This committee takes the final decision.

Despite the perfect test and grade score, not everyone gets a good rating
Committees’ rating matters a lot in the admission process of Harvard University. 

Thousands of students have perfect tests and grade scores. Despite this, they are not able to achieve good ratings. 

An analysis of 1.60 lakh applications received by Harvard University in different admission cycles shows that files of more than 55 thousand students do not get 1 or 2 ratings. 

The number of students getting 1 rating is just around 100. 

How important are extracurricular activities to get admitted to Harvard?

Athletics, more than academic, attaches to personal skills over extracurricular, athlete’s and personal skills over
Harvard students get priorities according to previous academic records.

48% of students with 1 rating in the Extra-Curricular Profile received admission to Harvard. Harvard gave admission to 66% of the personal profiles getting 1 rating and 88% of the number one student in athletics.


So now you know how you can apply for Harvard University from Bangladesh. Most important things are you need to be good at academic results, on extracurricular activities and you have to get a good score on SAT or ACT.

Rest depends on the authorities. What you need to do is, just do your best. The competition is tough but not impossible. Good luck!

If you have more questions regarding this topic please let us know.

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