How to open a payoneer account in Bangladesh 2021

Payoneer is a globally accepted Mastercard that is numerously used by freelancers all over the world. Whether you work in Freelancer, Upwork or remotely from anywhere you need a Mastercard to receive your payments.

Steps to open a Payoneer account in Bangladesh

  1. First, You need to sign up on Payoneer.
  2. Provide your personal information, contact detail, security detail and Bank information correctly.
  3. Now login to your email id, open the email from Payoneer. See, your registration is completed and Approval is asking for some time.

Payoneer has solved the problem of Bangladeshi people who are asking for How to get a mastercard/ credit card from Bangladesh?

Benefits you can get through Payoneer Mastercard:

  1. Get a Worldwide Acceptable Mastercard.
  2. Get a Virtual Bank Account in America.
  3. You can shop anything online from anywhere, where Mastercard is supported.
  4. The US Payment Service allows you to receive payments from various companies, including PayPal, Moneybookers.
  5. Payoneer’s Master Card allows you to withdraw dollars from any MASTERCARD Supported ATM booth in any country in the world.

How to open a Payoneer Account.

  1. First, signup by following the link below:

Warning: If you are not a freelancer or have no source of income online, please do not unnecessarily harm the country by applying for this card.
The reason for giving the referral link. You cannot transfer balances if you open an account from a Marketplace, and one Payoneer card from one Marketplace cannot add to another Market Place.

Payoneer’s Activation Charge is like $ 25. So if you use Payoneer’s card, you can pay at least Payoneer’s Activation Charge with this $ 25. So let’s start talking no more.

Now, there are 4 steps you should complete by providing.

Personal information

Contact Details

Security Details

Bank details

If you already have a card, refrain from applying again.

Now login to your email, open the email from Payoneer. See, your registration is completed and Approval is asking for some time.

How to get a Payoneer card?

Now login to your Payoneer account, you will see that you are in Step 2. The card will be sent after your account is approved.

Now click on Registration Verification, or if you see another message in your email, click on the Upload Documents button.

Complete the form and upload a scan copy of your National ID card.

Your Payoneer Registration is Complete.

For some reason it may take a long time for your account to become inaccessible. Please contact Payoneer Support team.

Your Payoneer’s Account Approve will receive a mail like the following.


Your Payoneer Prepaid Debit MasterCard® card order has been approved!

*** It may take some time for the card to be approved, it can take up to a week or up to 1 month, (sometimes it is approved immediately).

How to open a paypal account in Bangladesh

If the card is approved you will be notified by Shipping Date Mail. Usually, it takes 20 to 30 days for the card to arrive. You can get your card in 3 days through DHL at a cost of $60.

1.Before approving, please reply to the Approval department for any information they want. Suppose they are asking for an address, you do not require to mention the C / O option, the name of the school or institution, just give them the village, tune office, city, tune code etc.

2.If you get your card, you must sign up well. For this, you need to upload a scanned copy of National ID card or passport. The scan copy should be made clear.

3.Payoneer sent their card to Bangladesh and added the official call to Bangladesh. After ordering the card, keep in good touch with the official tune of the area.
4. 2 cards can come in the same address with 2 names. That means your brother can bring a card in your name. But don’t make a mistake of signing up two accounts from one computer.
5.Occasionally, if you have a problem getting a card for sign up or an unknown reason, you will contact their support.
6.Open your account with the same name as your national ID.
7.Don’t try to scam Payoneer. They will block you With dollars.
8. If you don’t get a payoneer card once then try for the next time.

How to load a Payoneer card?

You already have a Payoneer Card in your name or you are going to bring a new Pioneer Card with the American Bank Account Number and Routing Number in the option called Us Payment Service.

If you work in a company that offers dollar withdrawals on Odesk, Freelancer, Fiverr, Elance, Infolinks or MasterCard, you can add dollars to your card directly by adding your payoneer card. In this case, the company can charge 2%.

You can bring dollars to the card via Bank Withdraw or Wire Transfer from Google Adsense, Skrill, Bidvertiser, Amazon, clicksure or other companies.

So add Bank Account Number and Routing Number of Us Payment Service to your Profile Bank Withdraw option. When doing this, the country must be selected the USA.

What do you do if you bring a card but you are locked out or cannot log into your account?

If you do not load the card within 180 days of activating, you may have trouble logging in to your account, you can chat live with Payoneer team and say you want to load your card but you cannot log in, so request them that your account be reactivated.

Is there anything else you can use the card for ???

  • Online shopping.
  • Online bill withdrawal and payment.
  • Other popular freelancing sites including Odex, Freelancer, Elance, Skrill, Fever, Google Adsense can be used to raise money and pay bills.
  • All other social networking sites including Facebook, Twitter, Google Plus, Google, Yahoo can be used to advertise your organization.

How to withdraw money using Payoneer card ???

You can pick up card money from a booth with a MasterCard logo near you or anywhere in the world. BRAC Bank booth is good for Bangladesh.
Warning: If you do not have a dollar on your Payoneer card, do not insert the card in the booth, then the card will be stuck because you will need to have $1 on the card to check the balance in the booth.

Many people do not give any withdrawals on the card for 180 days of card activation, but the card gets locked in 6 months and requires withdrawal on the card and then they apply for new card again!

But do you know if you want to withdraw the dollar, talk to the support team before so that the card can be reactivated? You can do it until the card expires!
It is possible to resurrect the card to withdraw payment until the card expires!

Which bank is preferred to open a Payoneer account in Bangladesh?

You can prefer any bank in Bangladesh to open a Payoneer account. They accept all the banks.

Can I get a free Payoneer Mastercard from Bangladesh?

No, you can’t. Opening a Payoneer account is free of cost. But if you need a Card you need to pay 29.95 dollars per year.

Can I get a MasterCard as a student in Bangladesh?

Yes, you can. You can get Payoneer Mastercard and EBL Aqua Card as a student. For Payoneer Mastercard, You need an NID or passport and for EBL Aqua Card you need to show your or Your parent’s income source.

Which cards in Bangladesh allow payment on Aliexpress?

You can use Payoneer Mastercard and EBL Aqua Card to pay on Aliexpress.

Hope you understood all the process given above. Now you can open a payoneer account easily and receive or pay money internationally without hassle.

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