Open a Paypal account from Bangladesh 2021- with less risk options

How to open a PayPal account from Bangladesh? It would be wrong to say that PayPal Verified Account cannot be opened in a legal way from Bangladesh.

PayPal Verified Account can be opened in a legal way from Bangladesh but it will cost you more than it usually does.

If you want to have a PayPal account in a completely real and completely legal way then all you need is

  • You will need an SSN or EIN number.
  • You must own a US company
  • The company must have a valid US license.
  • You must have a physical bank account in the US.
  • You need to use the bank details while opening a Paypal Account.
  • You will need a US mobile number to verify
  • It costs a lot to get these documents. And if you can do this every year, you can open a PayPal account in a completely legal way from Bangladesh and you can use a PayPal account.

That was one hard way to get a PayPal account from Bangladesh which is not possible for a new marketer or freelancer.

Another way you can consider is the one below.

If you want to create a PayPal account from the USA and Use it in Bangladesh, you will need SSN (Social Security Number) or EIN (Employee Identification Number) and this is the number you can get only if you have a company in the USA. The number provided by the US Government for Mainly Tax Information or Tax Verification.

And this information will not work for everyone either.

Currently, using PayPal accounts from Bangladesh is becoming very annoying as US PayPal accounts with fake information require a lot of phone verification.

However, if you login to a PayPal account from the same device all the time, then you might not need so much phone verification.

Can you open a PayPal account from Bangladesh even with some fake information?

Yes, you can. And you can save that account for future use.

And for various marketing or freelancing purposes, you can use your PayPal account and you can securely make unlimited transactions through PayPal from Marketplace.

Warning: we do not recommend this method as this includes heavy risk of freezing an account and losing all your money.

But instead of knowing the risk, you want to proceed, then here is the method.

To create such a PayPal account you go to After that, the home page of the PayPal site for Cyprus will open. From here you will create a PayPal account.

First, you need to click on the SIGN UP FOR FREE Button.

Then select an account type from the given types. You need to select BUSINESS account

Put your Gmail account

Now, fill up all the information with your real – name, business name(this one you can choose any name you want), contact address, country, business address, phone number, etc.

Click Agree and continue

Write business type, service or product and cc name as you wish

Now choose the date of birth and other options with real information. You can keep all the info the same as you filled your business info.

On the next page, you will find a SET UP ONLINE PAYMENT OPTION. Click it.

A confirmation email will be sent to your inbox. Confirm the email

Your account is almost ready. Now you need to link your account to an international bank account

Now, click the three dots shown on the Paypal balance portion of the page.

Choose the add link to debit or credit card option (basically the first option). Two options will appear. Choose link to an international bank account.

Now you will be told to put an IBAN number on the blank option. You can find one on your Payoneer account detail (if you have a Payoneer account)

From the global payment service option of the Payoneer account, you will get three options. USA, UK, and EUROZONE. Click EUROZONE and copy the IBAN number.

Fill up the option with the number.

After verifying the bank you are set to use your Paypal account.

See how to open a Payoneer account here.

I hope you understand how you can get a PayPal account from Bangladesh. But yes, I repeat this PayPal account is not 100% risk-free.

You can create this account to start your business and transact for a while and if possible take your business one step further by licensing a company from the USA and creating a legal PayPal account.

Or else, you can ask a trustworthy friend or relative who live in USA or any Paypal supported country to share his/her bank credentials with you.

He/she can verify all the details on your behalf. This way you can transact safely.

Risk and solutions to save your account after opening a Paypal account from Bangladesh

PayPal is a very popular and easy way to shop online or make money transactions. But PayPal is not yet available in Bangladesh.

It is possible to open a PayPal account using an address in another country that supports PayPal, such as the United States.

Many people open a PayPal account using a virtual bank account and debit/credit card using a fake address.

It is possible to fully verify these PayPal accounts, but the risk remains.

What are the risks?

The company does not usually require proof of personal information when opening a PayPal account.

But after making a fairly large amount transaction on PayPal, it may rush to ask for a scanned copy of your photo ID.

If your account is opened with fake information, where do you get the photo ID? And at that moment, if you have money in your PayPal account, PayPal can hold it.

Even if your PayPal account is legally open with completely accurate information, it is risky to use it from Bangladesh.

Since Bangladesh is not yet officially on PayPal’s transaction list, the service takes cognizance of login to or through PayPal transactions using the IP address here several times.

PayPal may ask for additional information about your account to verify that your account is indeed legally open. As such it will require a scanned copy of your bank statement or utility bill.

If you can’t pay them, the account will become limited.

If you want to buy something with PayPal using the address of the foreign country, the billing address will show the address of that country at the time of checkout.

You can edit this address every time you shop, but it may not look very good on PayPal.

Some companies create your profile based on the information provided in the billing address after receiving PayPal payments.

Take, for example, a hosting service company.

If you are paying your bill for the first time in a hosting company with PayPal, then they will create your profile according to the information provided in your paypal account.

Now if you open PayPal with a US address, your country will also show the United States on the hosting company.

It can be changed in the hosting company, but in that case, you have to take a selfie with your photo ID card in hand and upload it.

Otherwise, your hosting account might be blocked. A webmaster can no longer have the frustrating situation of having his hosting / domain management account blocked. So be careful!

It is not yet certain when PayPal will arrive in Bangladesh

If you open PayPal with fake information, you will have to resort to dozens of lies to cover up a lie.

Yes, I know very well how important a PayPal account is.

Many people are using virtual bank and somewhat tricky way to open PayPal account with an address.

This can lead to the risk of money laundering. In addition, care must be taken to use PayPal legally in Bangladesh using other country info.

In some cases, many people suggest login to PayPal with VPN (Virtual Private Network) with the IP address of the home country of the respective account.

However, there is a risk of data theft. The bottom line is that if you have the relevant documents of the information provided in PayPal, then you can get the account back by submitting the documents even if the account is limited.

In that case, PayPal can ignore the issue of IP address (as a traveler). You have to explain everything by contacting support.

It’s easy to open a PayPal account, but it’s hard to maintain it.

Many people have verified their PayPal account with Payoneer.

You need to be cautious to save that account.

At the moment there is no complete alternative service to PayPal on our planet. But Payoneer can be a good alternative to PayPal for online shopping.

Because Payoneer has MasterCard/debit card that makes it easy to pay bills online. Therefore, when opening an account with Payoneer, you must select the option to take a prepaid MasterCard.

Wrapping up

So this is it. Now, You should be able to open a payoneer account from Bangladesh. But be always very careful to save your account.

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