Paragraph: A winter morning I enjoyed (230 words)- for all classes

A winter morning I enjoyed- paragraph for class 5, class 6, class 7, class 8, class 9, class 10, class 12.

Winter morning has its own fun. Nobody wants to get up early in the morning. But there is great joy in getting up early in the winter morning. It’s great to take a walk One winter morning. So I thought of going for a walk. At that time there was a very cold wind. I covered my face and wore mufflers on my ears and put my hands in my pockets. My eyes were watery and my feet were cold. Very few people were visible on the road. But all those who were seen were wearing woolen clothes and due to being covered so much, no man was recognized. No birds were chirping. Nor were the dogs roaming the cat. The mist was everywhere, nothing was visible. And the trees situated at a distance also looked as if ghosts were standing. Similarly, cars, bicycles, etc. were also not visible on the road. And I loved to walk in such weather and environment.

The winter morning is very calm and nice. No noise is heard. All the people enter their houses and birds are also buried in their nests. But the summer mornings are noisy. The winter wind gives new impetus and the sun is very nice in winter. All animals and birds and humans all wait for the sun to come out. I feel better in winter mornings than summer mornings.

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