How to prepare for a job interview in Bangladesh?

Everyone wants to get a good job for themselves and expects good salary, for this, it is very important to show good performance in the interview as well.

At the same time, after applying for a job or a position, a question that bothers a lot of people is that how to prepare for an interview or interview. If we prepare well, then we will be able to impress the interviewer.

In order to prepare for the interview, some simple things need to be kept in mind. If you remember these things, then you can crack the interview pretty easily. For this, you should make the preparations given below.

Follow these steps to prepare for the interview

  1. Do research about the company
  2. Gather good information about the job
  3. Match skill and aptitude with job role
  4. Prepare answers to frequently asked questions
  5. Practice interview
  6. Prepare two copies of the resume and the remaining documents
  7. What clothes to wear
  8. See location already
  9. Prepare questions to ask the interviewers

job interview preparation

1. Do research about the company


Why should one do research about the company?

This is the first and necessary step to prepare for the interview.

It is important to know the information about the company in which you are going to interview, such as what the company does, the team member, the correct project is aware of the new announcement.

In every interview, the interviewer asks this question, what do you know about the company, then it is also necessary to answer it.

For this reason, it is very important to do research.

How to do research about the company
  • The easiest way to do research about the company is to go to the company’s official website and get good information there.
  • Every company maintains its own official website where the complete information is also updated and the complete information about whatever opening comes out there.
  • Apart from this, the culture of the company can be found by visiting social media handles such as Facebook, Twitter, Instagram.
  • If you know anyone in the company who is working there, then talk to them and get information about the company.
  • To know about the employer or recruiter, please see their linked-in profile.

The more information you have, the better it will be for you because by this the interviewee will also know that you have worked very hard to clear this interview.

2. Get good information about the job

For any job role you are going to interview, it is very important to have a good knowledge about that job.

The company mainly asks you first about the job, therefore this information should be collected.

A ‘job description’ is a formal document in which the job is written by the employer. Therefore, before going to the interview, you should find very good information about the job. The interviewer may ask you What did you understand about this job by reading the information

Apart from this, you should also prepare for the job interview you are going for. You should know what you may have to do there.

Also, you should check beforehand whether you are interested in the work that has to be done there or not.

Therefore, understanding job role properly is a very important and crucial step.

3. Combine skill and aptitude with job roles

The next stage of preparation for the interview is to match skill and aptitude with the job whether you fit for it or not.

Make a list on the basis of job description about your skill, experience, qualification, knowledge, ability so that you can focus on the interview and answer it so that the interviewer knows whether you are fit for the job or not.

4.Prepare answers to frequently asked questions

Some common questions are also asked in almost every interview, such as:

Q.1) Tell something about yourself.

Q.2) Why do you want to work in this company?

Q.3) Where do you see yourself in next 5 years?

Therefore, to prepare for the interview well, it would be better to prepare answers for most of the questions that are asked everywhere.

On preparing the answers to these questions, you will have less difficulty in answering there in the interview and will be able to talk with confidence.

Answer the questions in english if they are asking in english. If they are asking in bengali answer in bengali.

Also be prepared for a few out of the box situation that a interviewer can throw at you. For example, they may ask you to ‘sale a pen‘ to see your sales or communication skills.

5.Rehearsals or Practice for interviews

Many people get scared due to fear of the interview. People are not able to answer questions in the manner of this panic, due to which their interview is not done properly.

It is said that “Practice makes you successful.” Therefore, to overcome nervousness, you should prepare or practice it beforehand, so that you will not have to face the problem.

You can take help from a family member or friend to prepare for the interview or ask yourself questions in the glass and answer them.

Practice interviewing thinking that you are giving interview right now in front of recruiter.

For example, if there is a telephonic interview, then tell your key friend that they call and ask questions and you answer them, this increases confidence in you and increases the hope of getting success.

Try to answer all the questions politely and confidently.

6.Prepare a copy of the resume and other documents

Whenever you apply for a job, your CV or resume is asked. This is a document in which your professional and personal qualification is written.

The full name of CV is Curriculum Vitae. Which is a Latin word. It also means “essence of life” or “story of life” or “life circle”.

Apart from this, carry a notebook or notepad and pen as well. If the recruiter has told you to bring any document, then take it with you and prepare it.

If the employer ask you for the resume don’t just give it folded. Hand it over opening the fold or it is better to bring a clip or other stylish document holder with you.

Avoid any wrong information in the resume. If you get caught you are definitely making a real bad impression over a recruiter. No one likes a lier.

7. Dress up


Prepare the clothes to be worn in the interview in advance and press them well one night before.

If you are going to interview at startup, then go for semi-formal (casual / formal shirt and jeans / pant) clothes and if you are working in corporate then wear formal (formal shirt and pant).

But it is always safe to wear formal as a man. If you are women just go normal. Just be neat and clean and don’t overdo anything.

It is believed that when you go wearing good clothes, you have a good impression on the recruiter and you also start to feel good.

Also take a shower if possible or at least spray few scoops of dew at least. You don’t want your employer to die from your body odor. Do you?

Apart from this, prepare yourself completely like getting a haircut and you can get clean-shaved too.

8. See location already


You also have to take full care of how far the company you are going to interview is.

For this reason, check the location in advance, keeping in mind how far the office is and how long it takes.. Also, plan how you will go.

You can already see the distance of the house where the interview is going to be and then you can prepare how to reach it.

9.Prepare questions to ask the interviewer


In the interview, not only the interviewer but you also get a chance to ask some questions.

At the end of this, the interviewer tells you that if you have not understood any question correctly, then tell it and if you want to ask anything, ask also. Never answer the question to the interviewer.

In this situation, you should always have questions ready. If you do not understand any thing, then you can ask them and also ask some questions from which you have to know.

But remember, never ask the interviewer about salary or bonus and holiday. But if he asks you then you should answer.

Some questions you can ask the interviewer

Q.1) What is the next stage of the hiring process?

Q.2) Explain the work culture of the company.

Q.3) How will the performance evolve?

In this way, you can easily clear or pass the preparation of the interview according to these given steps.

How should your mentality be at the interview room?

  • It’s ok to be nervous. If someone says they are not nervous, they are definitely lying. But don’t let this nervousness make you look nervous.
  • You can practice some autosuggestion in your mind, like- this interview will be really easy, i can crack this interview easily.
  • Be yourself. This is just an interview, you are not going to die.


Hopefully, you must have understood how to prepare for the interview. Make checklist before the day of the interview and check it once again before going to the location.

Be confident, just don’t be over.

If you still do not understand it, then please comment in the comment box below. You might also want to see 100 common job interview questions and answers.

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