40 Best Small Business Ideas In Bangladesh-online & real life

Who does not want to make a profitable business in a small investment? So today, we are sharing some ideas or suggestions for you to make a profitable business in small investment.

If you don’t have any previous business experience don’t go for a bigger investment. Start from little. We are providing a list of small businesses that could be comfortable for you to start with.

Not only that we are going to share how you can start and how much you can potentially earn from these buainesses.

So let’s begin..

Best Small business ideas in Bangladesh

  • Block Boutique
  • Women’s clothing
  • Selling Old Books
  • Showpiece
  • Men’s Products
  • Gift Items
  • Snacks making
  • Freelancing
  • Youtubing
  • Earn from facebook
  • Earn from Instagram
  • Tea stall
  • Selling Rosewater
  • Food shop or hotel
  • Candles making
  • Photo Binding Business
  • Screenprint
  • Milk shop
  • Fast Food Cart
  • Mobile Repairing
  • Selling Garments Product
  • Photography
  • Stationery Shop
  • Bkash and Mobile Recharge
  • Flower shop
  • Makeup
  • Laundry
  • Home Shift Service
  • Computer and Electronics Services
  • Raw Food delivery service
  • Lunch Delivery service
  • Travel service
  • Driving school
  • Handcraft

Home Based Ideas

  • Block Boutique
  • Selling Women’s clothing
  • Selling Old Books
  • Selling Showpiece
  • Selling Men’s Products
  • Selling Gift Items
  • Snacks making

Block Boutique

Adding blocks in clothes is very popular anywhere in the world. As long as people need clothes they are going to need a design for their clothes.

If you can make some really cool block or boutique for clothes you can make a huge business as the demand is never-ending. You can show your design online and get orders easily. This business type suits for a woman who wants to work from home.

Initial Investment 10000-15000
Potential Customerssmall businesses, friends and family, online customers
Marketing strategyFacebook, Youtube, pamphlets
Possible Income 30000-50000 per month

Women’s clothing

Any woman can start women’s clothing and accessories business. They can create their own brand online and sell different products. Many women in Bangladesh are already doing this kind of business online.

You can show people your own designed clothes or import clothes from Ali Express or any other retailer shop and sell them easily. This business is very demanding and easy to start.

Initial Investment 20000
Potential Customerssmall businesses, friends and family, online customers
Marketing strategyFacebook, Youtube, pamphlets
Possible Income 30000-40000 per month

Selling Old Books

Sometimes many old books are not needed later or become outdated for many people and they want to sell those books. If you wish, you can start this challenging business online and sell various your books half of the original price. You can even buy old books and sell those to the ones who are in need of these.

Initial Investment 5000-10000
Potential CustomersOld bookseller, online customers, students
Marketing strategyFacebook, Personal connections
Possible Income 10000-15000 per month


Beautiful showpieces are so demanding for decorating the house. So if you know how to make showpieces, you can sell them to people online or through your organization.

One of the most beneficial things about this business is you can sell these products at any price you want and that’s ok if it doesn’t seem too much.

Initial Investment 5000-10000
Potential Customersonline customers
Marketing strategyFacebook , youtube, Personal connections
Possible Income 20000 per month

Men’s Products

You can also start selling online all men’s clothing and accessories needed online. Not only that you can even sell shoes, trimmers, bracelets, sunglasses etc. This will make you stand out from many other online sites.

Initial Investment 10000-20000
Potential Customersonline customers, Personal connections
Marketing strategyFacebook, youtube, Personal connections
Possible Income 25000-30000 per month

Gift Items

Weddings, on different occasions people give different gifts to people. But all of a sudden, one can not always decide what kind of exceptional things to give. you can help them to decide and start your online business with only gift items.

You can sell these items online. This will make you exceptional. You can learn how to make this kind of item from youtube also.

Initial Investment 10000-12000
Potential Customersonline customers, Personal connections
Marketing strategyFacebook, youtube, Personal connections
Possible Income 15000-20000 per month

Snacks making

If you think your mom is the best (as all of us think that about our moms without a doubt) snack makers in the world, you can let her earn a good amount of money every month.

Just make some pictures of the various delicious foods,snacks, pithas anything she makes and showcase online. People will place order for sure. This can be great start-up for you and your mom.

Initial Investment No Investment needed before getting orders
Potential Customersonline customers, Personal connections
Marketing strategyFacebook, youtube, Personal connections
Possible Income 15000-20000 per month

Online business ideas

Nowadays earning money online has become so much popular among the people who have an independent mindset toward their career. You can start your own business online with just about 5000 taka. You can open a website online and do the following works to generate income.

  • Writing articles
  • Review Amazon Products
  • Sale services
  • Sale courses you are specialized in.
  • Sale your own products
  • Dropshiping someone else’s products

Look for more ideas you can do online in the home-based idea section above.

You can do so many things online without a doubt but you need to learn about it first. The earning potential in this sector is limitless. You can turn this into a full-time income stream.

There are two popular earning ways online.

  1. Adsense
  2. affiliate commission

There are other income streams available online from which you can earn hundreds of thousands of taka. Such as

Digital Marketing

What is the value of learning digital marketing today? It’s immense. People are earning over $3000 per month which is almost 250000 taka using digital marketing or affiliate marketing. This is a skill that is going to pay off in the future for more than 50/60 or even 100 years. Digital marketing aka affiliate marketing or SEO will help you boom your offline business to such a degree that you can’t imagine. This is the right time to learn this skill.

Learn from the top digital marketer Khalid Farhan of Bangladesh who already made his place in the world of digital marketing not in Bangladesh only but also in different parts of the world. Check out his complete digital marketing aka affiliate marketing course here.


You do not need any money to start freelancing. You just need some skills. Once you master a skill you can sell your service online to the people who need it. You can negotiate with the clients online in several places like Freelancer.com or Upwork.com etc. and sell your service there without any bound.


You surf youtube and you see people are posting videos there like crazy. But do you know why people are screaming there to subscribe to their channels? Because it helps them to get more views.

The more they get views on their video the more the earn through Adsense or affiliate. You can start your own video channels too and you can earn a decent amount there through AdSense or selling your products.

Facebook Business

You spend all day long on Facebook. But there are so many people out there who are using Facebook as their side business.

Anyone can turn Facebook into an income stream by selling products, marketing someone else’s product, helping others to run an Advertisement on Facebook etc.


You can earn from Instagram too. So many celebrities earn a huge amount from Instagram only by posting photos with different products. If you have a good amount of followers there then you can earn too.

Small Shop Ideas

  • Tea stall
  • Rosewater
  • Food shop or hotel
  • Candles
  • Photo Binding Business
  • Screenprint
  • Milk shop
  • Fast Food Cart
  • Mobile Repairing
  • Selling Garments Product
  • Photography
  • Stationery Shop
  • Bkash and Mobile Recharge
  • Flower shop
  • Makeup

Tea stall

Tea stalls tend to be one of the “small businesses that can be traded with little capital. Anyone in the family can run a tea stall. Biscuits, bananas, cakes, bread, etc. are also available for sale in tea shops. The business can be started on a very small level.

It is possible to open a shop for tea anywhere. However, besides the road, the tea stall business runs well. Besides, tea shops can be set up in any place where many people get together.

You can start this business as low as 10000 taka. On average every cup of tea can cost you only 2-3 tk and you can sell each cup of tea for average 5-10 tk. There is even 15-20 tk tea per cup also available. Your potential income could be 15000-20000.


The demand for rose water is usually high during different religious occasions. Rosewater can be sold at grocery stores at wholesale and retail prices. You can sell rose water at different religious institutions.

It is possible to sell rose water through a permanent or temporary shop in the market place where the crowd is high. Apart from this, there is a lot of potentials for selling rose water in the shops around the shrine.

Food shop or hotel

A hotel or a food shop is a place where food is available for sale. It is difficult to get fresh and nutritious meals at regular intervals on a frequent basis when out of the house, while traveling, away from home. The hotel or the food store can cover this problem.

You can earn a full-time income from a food shop or a hotel.


Candles are usually one of the several materials used in everyday life. Candles are a very useful item to use during electricity failure at a lower cost. Candles can be made very easily by using paraffin as raw material.

At present, candles of various colors and shapes are being used in various religious festivals, even as showpieces. Generally, the demand for different colored candles designed in different shapes is mostly found in the city. This kind of candle can be Sold online too.

Photo Binding Business

The main purpose of a picture is to attract attention, covers and long-lasting protection and holding the memory. Picture binding has now become an industry. There are many people all over the country associated with this profession.

People are becoming more and more aware of its furnishings. The popularity of photo-binding is increasing.


Apart from block prints, batik, tie-dye, etc., screenprint is one of the most popular means of cloth printing at present. The biggest advantage of screen prints is not only fabrics, but paper can also be printed as well. A screenprint is a type of printing method.

Milk shop

Milk shop business can be self-sustaining. Like the tea stalls, consumers buy milk at a fixed price. Many times raw milk is also sold. In this case, the buyer has to come to the shop at a certain time every day.

Milk shops are found nowadays in many villages and towns. Milk is more beneficial than other preservative drinks in the market. Nowadays, it is quite easy to collect large quantities of milk from many cattle farms in the country. As a result, the milk business can be quite profitable with low labor and small capital.

Fast Food Cart

Fast foods are very popular among the young generation these days. You can sell fast foods anywhere near the roads where people meet to gossip or pass their time. The best should be selling these foods on a food cart. You can even add juice to fast foods.

You can even cook the foods in front of your customers to gain the ultimate trust. Food cart business has evergreen potential and demand. The cool thing is this can be started with a very low budget.

Mobile Repairing

Almost everyone in this world got a mobile phone. whenever phones get damaged or broken or show some technical errors people just go crazy about it. So learning about mobile repairing skills can make you the savior for them.

The demand is endless and the earning potentials too. Once you earn the trust of the customers you will be getting orders easily.

Selling Garments Product

Selling Garments Products in a van is a very profitable business. You can buy cheap products and sell these products at a good price. You can even sell shoes in a van. This type of business can be started at any time with very little capital.


Photography is not only a passion it can become great money earning source too. People are so concern about their photographs nowadays. If you can fulfill this need you can earn a high amount of money.

But first, you need to master the skill of photography.

People hire wedding photographers for about 70000-80000 taka these days. Also, you can sell photographs online and you can teach photography lessons to the passionate ‘wannabe’ photographers both on and offline for a decent amount of fees.

All you need is a Camera to start.

Stationery Shop

Demand for books, papers and pens is increasing rapidly. With the ongoing development of the country, the court, business, and its offices are also increasing. pencils, pens, files, etc. are required every day.

All these necessary booklets, pens, pencils, scales, etc. are available in the stationery shop. The need for these materials is always there.

If you can build your shop near court-building, school and colleges you will be tired of selling all these products all day long.

Bkash and Mobile Recharge

Bkash is one of the best creative discoveries in this country. Almost every citizen in this country required to use Bkash to do money transactions. So the ever-growing population requires more and more of these services.

You can easily be a Bkash agent and open a money sending shop anywhere. Also, you can bring in mobile recharge service. Both of these services alone can bring you 20000-25000 per month easily.

Flower shop

People need flowers for various occasions. The flower shop supplies the flower. Flowers are used in almost all religious and social occasions in our country. Flowers are usually needed throughout the year.

Particularly in winter, weddings, various social events, meetings etc. ordered to provide flower during this time. You need to select the appropriate place for the flower shop.

Flower shops should be situated in the center of the market or in places where people meet like parks, stations etc.


Makeup has become a must for both men and women at weddings, festivals or various occasions in the past few years. you can provide this service online and also take the order of various products for sale.

Also if you are good at makeup you can provide this service for the bride also anyone for different occasions. Moreover, you can do youtube makeup video tutorials and earn a decent income.

Business Service Ideas

  • Laundry
  • Home Shift Service
  • Computer and Electronics Services
  • Raw Food delivery service
  • Lunch Delivery service
  • Travel service
  • Driving school
  • Handcraft


The people of the city have to face many problems from washing clothes to dressing. With laundry service, your organization can start working in the area or all over the city.

You can get an order from all over the city if you make this service online. This will allow people to get service at home. Around 25000-30000 per month can be earned if you work hard.

Home Shift Service

People shift their homes every month or every day in the cities but they have to search for news in the wild where they can find trusted people or organizations to help them moving to a new home.

You can also reach people very easily online with the name of home replacement services. People can order your service online and your organization assists them without any hassle.

Computer and Electronics Services

In this busy world, who wants to go to the service center for problems with his computer or laptop. There is no trusted online organization that can assure people to repair their PC or laptop and deliver it back home safely.

You can offer this service. if you can provide the service well and make it popular, a great business will start. In addition to the various types of electrical problems can be solved during the changing of the building or changing of the house.

This will cost you nothing. all you need is your master skill and your reach to people.

Raw Food delivery service

Traffic is a major problem in Bangladesh and the people of our country are constantly getting busy in their workplace.

The people of Dhaka’s elite area are very busy and in those areas, online order of raw foods can be taken and home delivery can be given to the customers.

For helping them do a hassle-free shopping you can charge them a good amount of money.

Lunch Delivery service

If you are concern about the competition in the industry you are trying to enter then Lunch Delivery Service can remove that burden for you. This is a very unique business model in Bangladesh.

Not too many people are trying  this business for sure.

You can deliver good quality homemade lunch within a reasonable price package to the office going people. This service going to hit like a rocket since the demand is never ending.

You may charge anywhere between 50-80 tk range per package.

Potential income could be 50000 once your business get spread out. 

Travel service

Many people want to leave the robotic city life to travel around the country and abroad. But how to easily travel somewhere, where to stay. They need assistance during the journey.

You can help people to visit places of their choice inside Bangladesh and charge a healthy amount of money. Apart from this, hotels and resorts can also be booked online in advance if someone wants to travel by himself.

You can also work as a guide on a daily basis. You can charge them 1000-1500 tk per day as a travel guide.

Driving school

So many people in our country earn income through the driving profession. If you want to learn how to drive, you need to recognize the different parts and accessories of a particular car.

Traffic laws are needed to be known.
You can open a driving school and teach people how to learn driving different vehicles like cars, bikes, trucks etc.

Every client can be charged 5000-8000 per vehicle. In this way, you can get around 30000-35000 taka per month.

This is really exciting.Think about this, you can even run an advertise on facebook and teach people privately with your own car or bike early in the morning.

People will be more then happy to give you money if you give them proper service and charge them less then the conventional driving schools.


One of the most profitable businesses with small capital is handicraft products. You can make your own modern and attractive jewelry by combining various elements.

All you need is creative and innovative skills. It is possible to make a profitable business at a very low cost.

You can sell jewelry online. You can start your business by selling it to your friends also. You can participate in various fairs and exhibitions.

Keeping the price and attractive designs within the general price range will sell your product quickly.


So here are a bunch of different small business ideas to start in Bangladesh for you. Research all the ideas in detail. Pick one idea and start working.

The main thing about starting a business is to understand the ins and outs of that particular industry. You can shine in any industry if you research well and do the best to serve the people.

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