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Job title: Manager, Finance & Accounts


Job description: Job Context
A reputed manufacturing company in Khulna is looking to hire personnel in the position of Manager, Finance & Accounts, he/she will lead the Finance & Accounts Department of the company and will have to report to the Chief Operating Officer. Dedicated, self-motivated and proactive professionals who have experience in working with public limited companies are welcomed to apply for the position. He/she will be responsible to plan and implement financing & accounting strategies, prepare yearly budget, manage fund & loan operations, prepare Financial Statements, provide Capital Budgeting decisions, run cost management operations, oversee daily operations etc. He will also have to support the management by offering insights to help the organization grow.

Job Responsibilities

  • 1. Plan and implement Financing & Accounting Strategies:
  • Plan and implement effective financing strategies to achieve the growth potential of the company.
  • Plan and implement proper accounting strategies to keep the accounting practices transparent, standard and law abiding.
  • 2. Prepare Annual Budget and implement the Budget:
  • Prepare annual budget in time, implement the same with proper monitoring.
  • Keep an eye at the Variance during implementation and take proper steps to identify the reasons behind the variance to solve it.
  • 3. Prepare Financial Statements:
  • Prepare Annul Financial Statements following standard norms and practices.
  • Prepare Financial Statements quarterly or semiannually following requirement of the Management.
  • 4. Oversee Daily Operations:
  • Oversee daily operations of finance and accounting department.
  • Supervise and lead departmental employees to achieve targeted objectives.
  • Take responsibility for properly keeping records of revenues, expenses, fund at hand & bank, general ledger, payable/receivable, payroll etc.
  • Carry out expenditure variance analysis, reconciliation work etc.
  • 5. Meet Regulatory compliances with responsible actions:
  • Meet all deadlines regrading submitting reports to different regulatory authorities.
  • Take responsibility in providing correct document & correct information to regulatory authorities.
  • Execute all accounting operations in compliance with regulations of IAS, BAS, GAAP, RJSC etc. authorities.
  • 6. Use proper Financing model and techniques:
  • Use proper financial models and techniques in projection making, sensitivity analysis, feasibility study, investment decision making, replacement decision making, revalue assets, cost analysis of different Bank/Non-Bank Finances etc.
  • 7. Use Accounting Software modules for keeping Accounting Information:
  • Ensure that all accounting operations or transactions are operated through accounting software modules.
  • Prepare Annual Financial Statements, interim Financial Statements in line with Accounting Software Modules.
  • Apply proper accounting principles and procedures in all accounting operations.
  • 8. VAT & TAX Management:
  • Ensure timely VAT reconciliations, payments to tax authorities.
  • Validate and approve all monthly and yearly tax liabilities ensuring that tax legislation has been followed.
  • Lead the team in properly handling all tax related process, documentation and execution.
  • 9. Cost Management:
  • Ensure transparency in costing related matters to identify the real profit from the deal, to broaden the scope of cost reduction and to avoid inefficiencies.
  • Improve processes in costing/valuing the inventory to avoid errors like back flush, BOM/route configuration etc.
  • Increase cost transparency to identify inefficiencies.
  • Plan & perform standard costing.
  • Conduct the analysis of cost variance.
  • 10. Payroll Management:
  • Manage payroll processes as per policy.
  • 11. Asset Management:
  • Oversee asset management functions i.e. record assets, apply proper depreciation, update Asset Database, follow regulatory compliance etc.
  • 12. Audit Functions:
  • Perform and oversee periodic audits.
  • Assist external auditors in their audit.
  • 13. Safe keeping of Finance & Accounts related documents:
  • Be responsible to keep all Finance & Accounting Documents, valuables in safe place to avoid unwanted situations. No information to be shared with anyone outside the company unless there is any regulatory or legal binding to do so.
  • 14. Execution and monitor Banking Operations:
  • Be responsible to keep the Company’s Banking operations safe, properly executed, monitored and reconciled.

Employment Status


Educational Requirements

  • Master of Commerce (M. Com) in Accounting from a reputed educational institution.
  • CA fully qualified is preferred for the position, however, CA (Course Complete) is a must.

Experience Requirements

  • 7 to 9 year(s)

Additional Requirements

  • At least 7-9 years of relevant experience in the Finance & Accounts department of a reputed manufacturing company.
  • Excellent analytical ability, interpersonal skills, leadership skills, negotiation skills are required for the position.

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  • As per company policy

Job Source Online Job Posting.

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Location: Khulna

Job date: Fri, 10 Sep 2021 07:04:20 GMT

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