A WINTER MORNING – Paragraph for all classes


A winter morning is cold and foggy. Everything seems hazy and indistinct. Grasses are wet with dew drops. When the sun rises, dew drops sparkle like pearls. Old people and children shiver in cold. Poor people gather straws and make fires to bask in the heat. Animals, too, are helpless. They hide themselves in the … Read more

xi class admission gov bd 2020- college/hsc admission result

xi college admission results

XI class admission 2020-21: xi class admission result 2020 has been published today, August 25, 2020, for the batch of 2020 SSC examinee. I can feel the excitement rising up as all the students are eagerly waiting to see where they are going to be studying for the next 2 years. Okay, so let not … Read more

Cyber Crime paragraph- for ssc/hsc and students of 6-10

cyber crime paragraph

paragraph writing: Cyber crime is a vital English paragraph for the candidates of SSC and HSC examinations. It is also important for students of other classes. Here is a short cyber crime paragraph for you. This paragraph can also be used as the paragraph- cyber crime in Bangladesh. Cyber Crime In technically pushed society, individuals use numerous gadgets to make life easy. Globalization leads … Read more

write an email to your friend about covid 19 /coronavirus outbreak – email writing for ssc/hsc/9/10

write an Email to a friend about covid 19

Covid 19 is a very important email writing topic for students of all classes. Whether you are student from Bangladesh or any other country this topic is crucial for your upcoming examination. Here is the email given below. To: xyz@gmail.com From: zxy@gmail.com Sent: 4.55 pm, 20/7/2020 Subject: About covid 19 outbreak Dear friend XYZ,I Hope … Read more

Coronavirus paragraph for class 9/10/11/12, SSC/HSC -covid 19 paragraph

Coronavirus paragraph for class 9,10,11,12 and SSC/HSC examinee. Important paragraph for the 2020 HSC Examination. Read Covid 19 paragraph. Coronavirus refers to a class of viruses that infect mammals and birds. Coronavirus causes respiratory infections in humans. Symptoms of this infection can be mild, which sometimes seems like a common cold. On December 31 , … Read more

NTRCA Full Form (what is NTRCA exam)

Ntrca Full form

The full form of NTRCA is Non-government Teacher’s Registration and Certification Authority. NTRCA exam is a teacher selection process for the non-government school, college, madrasa and different institutes all over the country. candidates from all over the country sit for this exam every year. They have to go through a preliminary, written and oral test … Read more