Earn $100-200 online with easy tasks on Ysense.

NO! It is not another fake site. The money is real.

If you are earning money online then you may be really familiar with ySense. Or you must have heard the name of ysense. If you are not familiar with ysense and you do not know what is ysense and how to earn money from ysense then definitely read this article completely!

In today’s article we will know: What is ysense? How to create account on ysense? How to earn money from ysense? How does ysense work?

Ysense is a website in which you are given money for doing small online work. Ysense is a get-paid site or GTP site. YSense is a global company! This site supports market researchers from around the world. People from different countries can earn money by working on this site.

YSense (formerly CLIXSENSE) is a company based in California that is probably best known on the Internet for these types of programs! It started as a PTC (pay to click) i.e. it was basically a pay-per-view page.

You get many different types of opportunities to earn money online from this website. Such as

  • completing surveys
  • completing offers
  • completing tasks
  • refer and earn

You can earn lakhs of a taka with the help of ysense by adopting all these methods. Now as you have known what is ysense, let us now know how to create your account on a ysense website!

How to create account on ysense?

Friends, it is quite easy to create an account on ysense and use the ysense website. To create an account on ysense, follow the steps given below.

Step 1 – To create an account on ysense, you have to first go to the official website of Ysense.

Step 2 – After going to the site, you will see the sign-up button, you have to click on it.

Step 3 – After clicking, you will get the option of e-mail and password, there you have to enter your e-mail and password. And click on the Join Now button given below.

Step 4 – After clicking on Join Now, you have to do E-mail Verification.

Step 5 – After completing the e-mail verification, you have to complete your profile, remember you have to fill all the information correctly so that this site can match you with the right surveys.

Step 6 – After completing the profile, your ysense account will be ready. After that, you can start earning money.

How to earn money from ysense?

There are many survey sites from which you can earn money online. But many of those sites are fake. But ysense is a real site that gives you more opportunities to earn money than other sites.

Complete Tasks

The first option to earn money from ysense is Complete Tasks, in which you are given some small or big tasks from ysense, by completing which you can earn money online even as a student with the help of ysense! There are some tasks in these tasks that you can earn money by completing again and again.

And there are some tasks that can be completed only once or twice. You will get notifications if you are not allowed to complete certain tasks!

There will be instances when you have to go through some kind of training first to complete a task. After that, ysense will check whether you are eligible to complete those tasks or not. The best thing about Ysense is that they give you a bonus of $5 for every $50. You can make even more money through the weekly contests they start and the daily checklist bonuses!

Tasks Weekly Contests rewards members who participate in the contest every week through the YSense contest. And it runs from Monday to Sunday every week. And they also give prizes to the members who complete their top 10 tasks, the rewards are something like this!

Top 1 – $50

Top 2 – $20

Top 3 – $10

Top 4 – $5

Top 5 – $5

In this way, the top winners get a prize, the winners after five get $2.

Daily Checklist Bonus

You can use ySense’s Daily Checklist as your guide in accomplishing the goals and tasks on your site. With the help of these daily checklists, it is easy for you to earn money from ySense! When you complete your checklist, you can add up to 16% of your daily earnings to your account. The information about how it works is given below.

Daily Checklist Bonus – 12% ySense

Addon Extra Bonus – 2%

Activity Extra Bonus – 2%

As you can see, it is possible to receive all bonuses and withdraw funds with a total of 16% additional earnings.

Tip – Your bonus is calculated on your personal earnings for the day.

Complete/Answer Surveys

What is ysense and how to earn money from ysense is Complete/Answer Surveys. In this task, you have to complete some surveys. That is, you are asked questions, you have to give correct answers to those questions. Here is an example:

Friends, as we saw in the beginning that while completing your profile, you were asked your location, age, gender and other information. This information will be used to determine which survey you are a good fit for! To use this option, you will find surveys available on your account dashboard when you login to the site.

And if you are interested in those surveys and want to complete them, then you can click on the survey link and complete the surveys! In this survey you will be asked some easy and some questions related to your lifestyle.

You have to answer those questions correctly. But if they think that you have given the answers wrong, then you can also get out of Surveys. But there is no need for you to make any payment for this! That’s why we told you in the beginning that you have to give accurate information while completing your profile.

So that you do not face any kind of trouble while completing further surveys. This is also a very good option to earn money from ysense, you can earn a lot of money by completing surveys!

The ySense Referral Program

Friends, what is ysense and the third way to earn money from ysense is the ySense Referral Program. You can also earn money by referring this website to your friends. And you can run your own affiliate program too! If you want to run ySense’s Referral Affiliate Program, then it is very important for you to be public, that is, you should have more and more followers on any social media platform!

If you are a YouTuber and you have a lot of subscribers then you can run ySense Referral Affiliate Program through your channel. That is, you will be given a link from ySense, you can put that link in the description of the video. The more people who sign up on ysense’s website from your link, the more money you will get through the ySense Referral Affiliate Program.

If you are a blogger and have more traffic on your website, then you can run ySense Referral Affiliate Program on your blog as well. And you can earn lakhs of rupees a month! If you have more followers on Instagram or Facebook, then you can run ySense Referral Affiliate Program there too.

Overall, the more followers you have on your social media platform, the more money you can earn through the ySense Referral Affiliate Program! Signup Commissions You get from 10 cents to 30 cents for every single referrer, but this fluctuates only for the selected countries which we call (Top Tier Countries). If your referral is an active member, then you also get a commission from the money he earns! That’s why it’s very important to have your referrals active.

YSense’s top tier countries include this country – 1. Australia 16. Mexico 2. Belgium 17. Netherlands 3. Brazil 18. New Zealand 4. Canada 19. Norway 5. Denmark 20. Poland 6. Finland 21. Saudi Arabia 7 . France 22. Singapore 8. Germany 23. South Africa 9. Greece 24. South Korea 10. Hong Kong 25. Spain 11. Ireland 26. Sweden 12. Israel 27. Thailand 13. Italy 28. Switzerland 14. Japan 29. United Kingdom 15. Malaysia 30. United States


The more you complete your tasks daily the more chances of your earning will increase. These tasks will probably take 10-15 minutes of your time and you can do them on your extra time.

If you have any questions: comment below.

Thanks for reading!