Coronavirus paragraph for class 9/10/11/12, SSC/HSC -covid 19 paragraph

Coronavirus paragraph for class 9,10,11,12 and SSC/HSC examinee. Important paragraph for the 2020 HSC Examination. Read Covid 19 paragraph.

Coronavirus refers to a class of viruses that infect mammals and birds. Coronavirus causes respiratory infections in humans. Symptoms of this infection can be mild, which sometimes seems like a common cold.

On December 31 , a species of coronavirus was infected in Wuhan, China. The World Health Organization named the virus as ’19-NCOV’. This virus is also called as ‘Covid 19‘. Infections were reported in more than 120 countries and territories, including China, by March 13, 2020.

The word coronavirus is derived from the Latin word corona, meaning “crown.” Because the virus looks like a crown. Currently, it is commonly known as Novel Coronavirus. Most of these viruses cause serious respiratory infections.

The variation of these symptoms is seen in other species. As it develops upper respiratory tract infections in chickens, it causes diarrhea in cows and pigs. No vaccine or antiviral drugs have been discovered to prevent coronavirus infection in humans.

Governments of many countries in the world took special measures to prevent this Virus. Some countries had been locked down for weeks or even a month. The general public also took care of their health and hygiene to keep themselves and their close ones away from this virus.

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